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  1. My father-in-law led the Adventist church in Uganda between 1973-1979 after President Adi Amin banned the Adventist church. The church was now illegal. At a time when dead bodies of ordinary people lined the streets and prominent Ugandans were publicly executed, the act of worship which faithful members continued to have in their homes was an act of faith. My father-in-law wrote in his unpublished manuscript about God’s leading “through the tempest”. He says that when he recalls the mercy of God who saw them through these times and the faithfulness of God's people, he wishes there could be another time of persecution.

    During this period, my maternal grandfather, who was a pastor, would sneak to the icy river under cover of darkness with my grandmother holding the lamp so that new converts could be baptised. Evangelism continued in secret with Bible studies being conducted in people's homes. Imagine people converting to a banned church where worship could get you arrested or even killed! Pastors collected the tithe and offering from the home churches and kept faithful reports. At one point my grandfather was arrested.

    I think of this history now as I read about the Waldenses. I do not desire persecution, but I wonder if there may be a reason why Satan changes his tactics from persecution to compromise. The Waldenses and others who paid the ultimate price were willing to die for Christ. Oh, that God may give me the faith to be able to live for Him.

    • What an amazing that you have! Your testimony should be published around the world to all Seventh-day Adventists

      • Thank you for that encouragement, Yolanda. My father-in-law passed away before publishing the manuscript. My husband and I have discussed publishing it posthumously on his behalf. I pray we will be able to do so someday for the glory of God and the blessing of His children.

        • I would love to learn more about your father-in-law's story. I love imagining all the amazing stories we will hear in heaven about faithful believers who are largely unknown here on earth.

  2. Complex and challenging times are the most proficous for the mind. When blocked by emotional walls, the way out can be tricky, but God knows our limitations and has the way out. Although the answer only sometimes comes quickly, it is sure. We can develop a closer relationship with our Maker in times of trouble. The crisis is an opportunity.

  3. Reading Rev.2:10, one translation notes the crown as ‘a’ crown, another translation describes it as the Crown of Life; not just any crown, but THE crown of life. I prefer the second translation – “The Crown of Life”.

    I have not experienced persecution, only the occasional sneers or rebukes from those unable to comprehend the preciousness of the Christian’s faith. Facing these adversities is nothing compared to outright persecution.

    To me, the ‘Crown of Life’ means receiving the gift of Eternal Life – literally the crown of Life. I can only imagine the strength of faith required to remain faithful under the threat of loosing one’s life. Life is precious, though the kind of Life the faithful receive after this life is more precious.

    God’s promise is given to all the faithful who do not compromise their faith by turning away from God to protect their present life. Preserving this life, though precious, is not worthy the price of forfeiting the ‘Crown of Life’ – Eternal Life in the presence of God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  4. The battle remains the Lord's,if we put our trust fully in Him,we shall be strengthened to pass through every challenging moments.

  5. Thanks Jocelyn for sharing your amazing story. I grew up in neighbouring Rwanda around the time Idi Amin Dada was terrorising Uganda making himself the king of East Africa and I used to hear such horrible stories of atrocities happening in your country. Thank God, the dictator's days were put to an end and the church flourished again.

  6. Jocelyn “I wonder if there may be a reason why Satan changes his tactics from persecution to compromise. The Waldenses and others who paid the ultimate price were willing to die for Christ. Oh, that God may give me the faith to be able to live for Him.”

    Often I ponder—will I have the strength to die for him?But I also ponder often—do I have the strength to live for him?
    So many great people have gone before us.

    A pastor, I forget his name, sadly, who was in England doing an evangelistic series received a message that his home in America had burned down. He perused the message and then stated something like, “ if God doesn’t need it anymore I guess I don’t”.
    Persecution didn’t take his home, but that kind of attitude seemed to pervade his life.
    I am still trying to reach that attitude. To let go and give it all to God. I’m closing in on Polycarp’s age! God is still working on me! By His grace, I shall be able to stand whatever He allows to come my way and bring glory to Him. May I give him glory today when the enemy tempts me to say I do anything that would dishonor my Lord.
    And I probably will.
    “Now unto Him who is able to complete the work…”

  7. Lately..I've been off..haven't even read my bible..during challenging times I pray.. Jesus' second going frightens me because I'm not yet ready..I claim the promise that says Jesus is always with us..even tho at times you can't feel his presence those are the times where his closest.

    • Kai, I pray that God will draw you closer to Him with His everlasting love. The fact that you are still reading this lesson means you are not too far from God yet. Blessings to you.


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