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  1. John Wesley lived through most of the 18th century. He started a piety movement within the Church of England that ultimately developed into the Methodist movement.

    While the Church of England had split from the Catholic Church, essentially on political grounds it had retained much of its liturgy. John Wesley's approach signaled a significant change in direction. It was not just worship that was important; it should also make a difference in the way you live.

    Wesley's contribution was less theological and more practical. He essentially took Christianity out of the confines of church and applied it. He made several significant changes:

    • He preached to ordinary people outside in the open. This was a significant change and even Wesley felt uncomfortable about it initially. He had thought that preaching should be confined to churches. He developed a sense that the gospel was for ordinary people in their own language. (We need to remember that in the 1700s many people were uneducated and few could read. Bibles were enormously expensive and while they were available in the English language very few ordinary people could read.) Wesley gave a significant meaning to "spreading the Gospel to all the world".
    • He believed that the Christians should have a social conscience and made considerable efforts in the emancipation of slaves, and care for the poor and needy. Interestingly one area where the church became quite active was in the welfare of miners (who at that time were using child labour). The union movement had its origins in church welfare for the miners in Wales.
    • He preached the importance of healthy living, particularly temperance

    As a little bit of a side note, he grudgingly allowed women to preach, but when he saw their success he encouraged it.

    His efforts disturbed the Church of England, who ultimately forbade him to preach in their churches.

    In many respects, Seventh-day Adventism grew out of Methodism and we have retained some of their practices such as the idea of "Sunday School".

  2. The sub-title of today’s lesson ‘Obedience - the fruit of faith’ reminds me of a quote that gives me great peace of mind. It says ‘Righteousness and obedience are not requirements but gifts of salvation.
    Selected Messages vol 1 p367.

    2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

  3. You have no hope of salvation when you look at yourself, but does this mean that only those who believe in Christ will be saved? What about the remote rural villages who have never heard of Christ,will they be lost because they never heard?

    • There are people all over the world and throughout history who have been true to the light that they have been given. Jesus made it clear using the flock and sheep metaphor that he had sheep in other flocks. That does not absolve us from spreading the gospel, nor should we judge those who disagree with our version of light.

      I am sure there are going to be many surprises in heaven and there is going to be much joyful discovery.

    • Jesus was explicit in His command to go into the whole world to preach the Gospel and then the end would come. To me, this means that everyone will have an opportunity to hear it, even those in remote places. Two missionaries related a true experience to me. They had traveled to a very remote village in Africa to tell the story of Jesus. When they arrived, they heard music. As they got closer they realized it was Christian music. Astonished they asked the Chief, "How did you get this?" He said "One day a very tall man appeared and gave us the music box. The stranger also said that others would come to tell us the story of a man called Jesus. Blew me away! Surely angels will be used to bring salvation truth to the unreachable!

  4. ‘When looking to myself, I do not have any hope of Salvation’ -
    I have been persuaded and whole heartedly believe that Salvation is only possible when I look to being “free in Christ, free in the truths of His Word, free in the hope of His soon return.”
    We could be imprisoned by our own self-condemnation, but now I am freed from isolation – rejection – or denunciation because I love and trust the Lord with all my heart and do not lean on my own understanding – Prov.3:5-6

  5. Thank you Maurice for expounding on each and every one of these reformers .I got to understand their contribution in spreading the gospel better.Happy Friday!

  6. In jouyous thought and beautiful emotions Rising
    the Adoration of our Jesus is truly inspiring
    Creator and God Head,Redeemer and Friend
    The extent of His Beauty can never end,Faith in Abundance increasing each day is Connection To our God, very Much in every Day. Thank you Jesus, Lord Oh this Thought, Your Giving and Giving to Love as You taught

  7. Looking at myself, I can mindlessly see some hope; I can even feel I can do anything. But when I look at the cross, I know that I don't deserve to be alive because Someone non-guilty paid a high price for me to show me His love! The One Who gives me life is the same Who gives me His death so I can be set free from my debt.


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