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  1. The story of Tyndale's response that the Bishop of Durham had financed the publication of the Bible is a great irony and brings a smile to my mind every time I hear it.

    Actually, the Papacy did more to preserve scripture than they perhaps realised. The Vulgate Latin translation of the Bible commissioned by Pope Damasus in 383 fixed the Biblical Canon as we have it today. Not only that, their monastery libraries kept the earliest biblical manuscripts we have. The fact that they did not use them much probably accounts for their preservation.

    And there lies the issue: While the church kept these documents, they did not live by them. They were regarded as holy relics rather than witnesses of God's love and his working with people.

    This week we will probably get involved in the "two witnesses" and prophecy. If we limit ourselves to thinking that the prophecies justify the Seventh-day Adventist view of history, we miss a valuable application for today. How many of us are guilty of leaving the "Two Witnesses" behind the filter of sermons and Sabbath School lessons rather than reading them for ourselves in a language we understand? Or do we use them to win theological arguments with "apostate Protestants" rather than applying them to our lives?

    A final thought:

    You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, John 5:39 NIV

    • Amen the way God works is Marvelous. Tyndale story of the Bishop of Durham high purchase of the Bible also had me laughing. God is good all the time and yes we should always prioritise firstly the study of the Bible. Blessed study.

    • Musakana Kalauki Samson Emmanuel,

      There is a summary of each week's lesson that is available that I enjoy reading in addition to Friday's reading. You can opt to read it any time. It is found by following these directions:

      go to: adultbiblestudyguide.org

      Scroll down the page to: This Week
      click on: View Online
      now scroll down to: Friday
      click on:Teacher's Comments

  2. A few years ago, I attended an SOP (Spirit of prophecy) seminar in Zimbabwe. One of the presenters said he had been accused by one overzealous youth, of being a Jesuit. The presenter was accused of being a Jesuit because he had encouraged the distribution of the book, Great Hope. Great Hope is a summarized version of the Great Controversy. According to the young man, the church was being given money by Jesuits to distribute the Great Hope instead of the Great Controversy.

    The presenter replied the young man and said, "if that is true, then let them give us more money and we will continue distributing the Great Hope.

    Like Tyndale, we don't know and we don't care where the money comes from. But every cent we are getting, we will plough it back into the distribution of the Word of God...

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Tyndale and the other men who were persecuted for righteousness' sake ever dreamed that the church -as it was then - would have dealt so viciously with them. Nevertheless, I give thanks-and so should all of us- for their bold faith in refusing to let go of the God they had learnt to trust.They gave their lives to preserve His Truth for generations yet unborn. Lord, please help us to be willing to give it all up for You and that we may preserve Your Word and share it with our world, in Your Name I pray. Amen🙏🏾

  4. We sure need to be cunning! Evil never sleeps, neither rests. We need to seize every opportunity, and we can be sharpest when connected to the source of all TRUTH! By having the Word fresh in the mind, we can be guided and act as cunning and gentle as possible!

  5. So many times, in Sabbath School the main thought is misdirected, and the practical application is lost. Sadly, the valuable pearls of God's word become entangled with the cemented ideas of man. Let our words be guided by the Holy Spirit, and all are enriched by the study of God's word. Let us not elevate our words or thoughts for the endorsement of others, so that one appear to be wise. In the book, Testimonies For The Church, Vol.7, pg. 199-200
    It reads, "The sin that is most nearly hopeless and incurable is pride of opinion, self conceit." I submit this not to be judgmental to anyone but rather we all consider humbling ourselves as we study together God's word. Be Blessed!


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