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    • We can't possibly convince the world that our views are correct. And that's not our job.

      Our job is to be character witnesses for God. Our own lives are to be demonstrations of what God can do. When we engage with others in a loving, friendly way, God can use us to speak to them. Then it is the Holy Spirit that does the convicting and convincing.

    • The Second Coming is not a splendid reward for Seventh-day Adventists. To the contrary, many who have never even thought about the key doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church will be in heaven. And, woe to behold, many who have clung to Seventh -day Adventist doctrine through their lifetimes will not be on the heavenly side when God puts His kingdom together. The solution is the heart. Where is your heart? How do you regard the Creator God? Love and devotion to God are what matters.

  1. we can only do what we where commissioned to do and the rest is Gods ,we need to preach the true word to the world and God will make them understand and join the family.many questions need answers from you and me ....remember the one in this weeks lesson of the rainbow....we need to explain all that to the world to know that all that is God talking to His people.we pride ourselves by reading many books and say adventists are people of the book yet we dont want to share with others.the end is coming and the question still stands what have you done so far ....witnessing ,evangelism etc.so many ways we can use to talk to people in different areas ....use of whatsapp,facebook,email etc.

    • I don't think God makes anyone do anything, Martin. He offers an invitation. And yes, the Gospel commission is for us to transmit that invitation. not only by preaching, but by living.

  2. If we are led by God's Holy Spirit we will do what He leads us to do. We are not all preachers but we will all witness through the love that He puts in our hearts.


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