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  1. So impressed. Today I learned yet another new thing, that Heliopolis means City of the Sun; it is also called Iunu or On (in the Bible). There are people out there who will be brought to God's house when it is safe for them to come. There are God's children in the Catholic and Protestant churches and other religions and He knows the best time for them to come to His chosen house of worship.

  2. I consider the Adventist Church I go to now to be a safe place for me to worship. However, when I was a child, a new Adventist, I went to a church in California that was not a safe place for me. I was not accepted by the other children my age, and was ignored, or was criticized and I felt unwelcome there, until I was about 14 years of age. By then a lot of the kids that had made my life miserable had moved on or they ceased to bother me. That early time in the church was a rough time for me, and there were Sabbath days that I would not go with my parents.

  3. Sometimes it is impossible to be "safe" for everyone because old and young are not tolerant toward each other. Be very careful about accusations to abuse without the whole story! Would not Jesus be more concerned about tolerance and love in our churches than in condemning others for our preconceived ideas of what is appropriate! Spreading my "needs" for worship is abuse to someone who has other "needs" for worship! What will heaven be like with two "Egypts" on opposite sides of the river of life?? Old, young, black, white, male, female is NOT the issue -- ME is! Does the church need to conform to me to be non-abusive!!

  4. Thanks for sharing. This is really powerful insight. God bless you for this! My little addition is that Egypt becomes safe for God's people when it is God's word guided - either directly (like Joseph & Mary & Jesus), or providentially (like Joseph). In both instances, they didn't go for their own benefits as we see in Jeremiah and even with Isaac (Gen 26:2). Egypt can only become safe if it is God directed, not for personal gains. Otherwise, no matter the apparent benefits of Egypt and apparent difficulties in Israel, one can only be safe at where God wants them to be. And God will lead as such.

  5. John 10:26 has more meaning now: "Other sheep have I in other folds..." Often we run new and mature members away because of our prejudices, not only of racial differences, but also because of their level of spirituality. So God has to keep them away from us to keep them safe for Himself.

  6. There is a difference in choosing a different physical place to fellowship and rejecting the Creator which is what Judah were doing by "going back to Egypt"

    • Yes, I agree Shirley. There is a major difference.

      One day the disciples found a man casting out devils in Jesus' name, and because he was not physically associating with the disciples, they forbade him (effectively tried to shut him down because he was a perceived independent). Fortunately, of course, the disciples went back to Jesus and told Him about the incident. To their surprise, Jesus told them that they were the ones in the wrong. I like to think that at least one of the disciples went back and told the man that they had made a terrible mistake.

      The "independent" did not reject the Creator (and he didn't criticize, or tear down, the work of the 12 either), but the man did not physically fellowship with the 'established' body of believers. (Mark 9:38-39) To me, this 'little' incident speaks loudly.

        • True! It's sad that "different" can so often mean "wrong" isn't it? And people that don't conform to the "normal", "expected", way of doing things, are enemies. (But 1Cor 12:5-6.)

  7. we are to stay in the fold until the shepherd opens for us for healthier pastures ! to sneak out is dangerous! it's to head for the real Judah Egypt .

  8. There was at time [around 1893] when we had people giving a message that the SDA church had become Babylon. They felt authorised to say on God's behalf, "Come out of her My people." Ellen White wrote about it :

    "Supposing this spurious message is the one everyone must hear for this time, “Come out of her My people,” where shall we go to? Where shall we find the purity, goodness, and holiness where we shall be secure? Where is the fold where no wolves will enter?" (1MR p.354)

    There is really no safe place; no place where "wolves" will not enter.

    Today we have people saying to us again, "Come out of her My people". (William, I know you're not teaching this.) But by some, this fault and that fault is presented. And perhaps it is true; perhaps we have a hundred Judases in our church; perhaps we have a hundred Peters who, under pressure would deny their Lord. Perhaps too, we have many Johns, who truly love their Lord, but not knowing what spirit they are really of, would call down fire on various ones if they could do it.

    We are not yet without spots or wrinkles, but this is the washing and the ironing time, and before Jesus returns He will present a church without blemish. (Eph 5:27) When Jesus is truly lifted up amongst His people, we will learn what it is to love our enemies.

  9. It is unfortunate when Egypt must become a safe haven for servants of God. God has many ways to provide a haven for those needing one. If we follow His leading, we can go wherever He leads us, as with Joseph, Jesus, Daniel, etc.

    There may be circumstances that arise to cause one to leave their fellowship because as stated above, there is no place where Satan cannot bring his influence and if people are not watching and praying, he will work out his will among any who are careless and indifferent. God will often use circumstances to lead those praying for His guidance, and if we pray in faith, we need to accept what comes once we are sure of His leading. We don't know the future and Joseph could not have guessed why he needed to be in Egypt, he committed his life to the Lord knew that God was with him and leading to fulfill His purposes in Joseph's life. He will do that today if we acknowledge Him in all our ways.

  10. In the story that William told about a black family that came to visit an Adventist church and was directed to the black church across town. On the surface,that is shameful,however what if the black family were there by mistake, because they were from out of town and not familiar with the area,and was actually looking for the black church? The devils advocate or really stretching a point, perhaps. I can criticize many churches for one thing or another and perhaps rightly so. What is missing and over looked in considering the condition of perhaps many church members is found in 2Tim 3:1-5 especially verse 5.

  11. While the church have to be a place where all of us look forward to come together to worship our savior, it is important to keep in mind that the Lord is our only safe place and refuge and we are not to allow what happens in the church to shape our relationship with God. The Lord is coming very soon and this is not the time to be focus on our feelings, but soul searching and examination to come close to our a God. God is calling his faithful ones to come out Babylon and out of Egypt!

  12. Thank you Mr Earnhardt for sharing your take on the final week of the SS lesson. It was nicely explained and enlightening. I look forward for more of your take.


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