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7: Law and Grace – SPD Discipleship Video — 3 Comments

  1. A comment on the video ....

    "The grace that God gives us is the ability to keep the law."
    This is not the primary meaning of grace found in Paul's letters or the New Testament as a whole. Grace is forgiveness for sinners who fail to keep the law. Saved by grace does not mean that we are saved through God's work in our hearts but that, out of his divine favour, and despite our poor attempts to keep the law, he loves and saves us any way.

    The speaker confuses grace IMPUTED with grace IMPARTED.

  2. Legalism is returning to Adventist communities. Ideas of a perfect last generation, and the efficacy of obedience deny our absolute reliance on grace.
    It is time to reframe our view of law, and accept that grace alone provides salvation. Let's orient our teaching towards an emphasis on what Jesus has done - not what we must do. A legalist approach tells us nothing about God's love, and a focus on 'works' is always doomed to disappointment and failure.


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