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  1. If a individual person pay a “full tithe,” could the same individual human being be guaranteed a blessing and success?

    • The blessing that was promised to Israel was that the nation would be blessed.If we read the Malachi 3 chapter through and not just the "tithe verses" you will see that part of the problem was that the poor and needy were being ignored and indeed exploited. If tithing had been carried out properly then the needy would be supported and that in itself would be a national blessing.

      I think it is a misreading of the chapter to think that it says, if I pay a faithful tithe then I will be successful.

      • "Tithe is to be used for a particular purpose and must remain so. “The tithe is set apart for a special use. It is not to be regarded as a poor fund. It is to be especially devoted to the support of those who are bearing God’s message to the world; and it should not be diverted from this purpose.” – Ellen G. White, Counsels on Stewardship, p. 103.

        According to this from the SOP it appears the tithe is exclusively for payroll. Did I miss something?

        • I am well aware of what Ellen White says on the topic and am also of her own actions regarding tithe. I have been reading about the tithe situation in Israel both post-mosaic and post captivity periods. A significant element of the tithing system per se of Israel was the treatment of the poor and needy. Malachi 3 makes that particular point and it is something that is lost in our modern day discussion of tithing.

          My suggestion in trying to tie this all together is that if we get the tithing principle right, we will look after the poor and needy as well and will be blessed as a result. What concerns me in the current climate is that tithing has become something of a guilt exercise and some of the rhetoric surrounding tithe paying sounds more like a turf war than something that is given with a glad heart.

  2. Why if talk about tithe, it always talks about money or other materials.
    How about Time? God gives us 24 hours each day. Should we give the 10% tithe of our time to spread the Gospel or pray or study the Bible?
    Or it is not biblical to give 10% of our time to God?

    • Anton, in the broad spectrum of the discussion surrounding this topic we have already discussed some of these other issues. And you are right, God asks us for 1/7 of our time. But like any relationship if we stick to minimal numbers we lose the point of the relationship.


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