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  1. I'm going to use "O Let Me Walk With Thee" #554 this Sabbath. Here's why:

    I read in Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 736, that Jacob longed for the spiritual birthright blessing:

    Jacob had learned from his mother of the divine intimation that the birthright should fall to him, and he was filled with an unspeakable desire for the privileges which it would confer. It was not the possession of his father's wealth that he craved; the spiritual birthright was the object of his longing. To commune with God as did righteous Abraham, to offer the sacrifice of atonement for his family, to be the progenitor of the chosen people and of the promised Messiah, and to inherit the immortal possessions embraced in the blessings of the covenant—here were the privileges and honors that kindled his most ardent desires. His mind was ever reaching forward to the future, and seeking to grasp its unseen blessings. (Read the context for yourself by clicking on this link and scrolling up and down.)

    It looks to me as though Jacob was truly seeking "first the Kingdom of God." So what went wrong?

    While Jacob longed for the blessing and a closeness to God, he did not yet have a personal walk with Him. This came later, through his humiliation, suffering and repentance that followed his trying to obtain the promised blessing by human devising.

    We face the same danger of having all the head knowledge and even a longing for heaven and for God's blessings in this life, but while we lack a walk with God, we will not find our longings fulfilled.


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