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  1. I love that "what the law can do and what it cannot do" The lesson salvation is by Faith alone. Very much Symbolic. We keep the laws but still struggling with the burden of sin... What's the point of law keeping?? Did David struggle with Adultery? Solomon married many foreign wives?,,,, I believe their faith in God will save them. We call ourselves Christians with no acts comparerable to The way of life of Christ, let's be called Christians. Amen.

  2. Just one question in this part "
    3. What the law could not do. The law of God is holy and pure, but it cannot save us. Is that right? If I can keep all the commands of God and still be lost, what good are those commands? Will there be people failing to win salvation who have lived a sinless life? How can you and I keep from walking according to the flesh but instead walk according to the Spirit? Are you a “good” law keeper? Are you happy with the way you represent Jesus to those around you? Do you ever find yourself making excuses for wrong choices you make?"

    How true is that one can live a sinless life? One of your questions purport that its a possibility. I think the question should say without committing sin rather than living sinless life.


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