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Abigail and the Least of These — 7 Comments

  1. I believe that God very often sends the right people at the right time to prevent catastrophes caused by wrong decision making. Abigail was surely filled by the Holy Spirit as she spoke those wise and uplifting words to David. It is so evident that God’s promise” never will I leave nor forsake you” comes true especially in extreme circumstances when no one is there to sooth the pain. So we really need to keep this event in mind- thanks to William’s beautiful and applicable illustration.

  2. David was a man after Gods own heart. The rivalry between David and Saul was ongoing for years. David had some good ideas, and some bad. David had control of the situation with Jonathans help. The book of Psalms title; The Way of the Righteous and the End of the Ungodly. Written by David.

  3. There are deep and often dark insecurities in the heart of every man and woman, which originate in childhood, the most vulnerable time in a human being’s life. Parents do not realize the power for good or ill that they have over the future of their children. The seeds a parent plants in the heart of the child will bear fruit in that child’s life which will continue for generations. Even in the child’s adult life, a parent has influence. It is a sobering truth that parents will answer to God for their children.

    All of this has driven me to God in prayer, where I have asked for the wisdom and strength to raise my son in the “fear of the Lord.” I have come to realize through experience that this responsibility can only be performed with God’s Spirit in my heart. Being a parent is a spiritual and often even a supernatural experience.


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