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An App for Missionaries Any Time, Anywhere — 13 Comments

  1. This app will not upload on my android device. The reason they give is because I am in Canada. I was looking forward to using it . How can it be a an App for Missionaries Anytime Anywhere if I cannot even get it in Canada.?

  2. Not sure what is meant by anytime anywhere. This app is not compatible in Jamaica. I am disappointed but work on it

  3. Thanks Norman. I just spoke to my friend who put the app together. He said it may take a little while for places outside the U.S. to get it. Please don't give up and I am disappointed you can't get it yet either. We will keep working on it! If anyone is able to download it outside of the U.S. please let me know. Thanks!

  4. Thank you Prosper. The app has been released to all countries. It may take longer for some places, so if does not work please try back again soon.

    Shirley, the app should work on lap tops as well as tablets. You can also find them at http://inlightofthecross.com

  5. Hi Pastor William, I'm so glad we have this app but the problem, all the context are all for Salvation's topics. I'm from Philippines but presently working in Malaysia. hope we can fix soon for my own Bible study and to share to others. God bless you


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