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Are Bible Commentaries and Study Bible Notes Inspired? — 4 Comments

  1. I know that the printed EG White Notes are inspired and always look forward to buying them every Quarter. However I was unable to buy any for the present Quarter due to Covid 19 and the resulting closure of ABC. Where can we download the same?

  2. I read all comments posted on Thursday's lesson, the majority relates to the topic 'Sola Scriptura and Ellen G. White'.

    Whiles reading through the comments, I sensed the personally invested 'ego' bringing heaviness into that discussion. It always happens when Christians 'draw lines' around their Christian faith using denominational doctrines.
    Can we agree that all our comments are only expressed preferences?

    If it is already a struggle to be in one accord about the core message of the Scripture - the Origin, the Gospel, Salvation and the promise of a new life in a new earth - could we be ever 'in one accord' over anything peripheral to the main messages as revealed through Scripture?
    John 17:21, John 13:35; 1.John 3:14; Acts 4:32 all point out the need for a loving and caring Christian fellowship among the believers.

    How about focusing on the joy of our salvation, being a born again CHRISTIAN, first? I joined many different Christian fellowships on my walk to find the Truth. Now, I have chosen the Adventist family of believers to be my spiritual family. I do not think that I will move on from here, but squabbling over 'doctrine' within the family of believers does not advance or help us focus on the call to worship and praise our Heavenly Father.

    If someone, sensing that you believe in God, asks you ''what' are you'?, do you think he/she asks you what denomination you 'belong' to, or do you answer 'I am a Christian'? Are you a 'denomination' or a Christian first?

    As soon as we denote our identity to be a 'whatever denomination' instead of being a Christian, we have given the questioner an opening to oppose or agree with us based on our denomination's doctrine instead of sharing our faith in God's established/accomplished work through our Savior Jesus' Faith.

    The Scripture, adequately, gives as the tools needed to find out about the great controversy playing out in this world and to establish why we believe.
    Wanting to use extra writings to help 'navigate' or to 'better' understand the inspired word of God is like keeping training wheels on our bicycle after learning how to ride it. We have chosen to walk by faith in the Word of God. The Holy Spirit does its mighty work to keep us and our faith in balance.

    Every interpretation written by someone to 'explain' the meaning of the expressed Truth as we can read it for ourselves in the Scriptures, is placing that person's layer of interpretation between you and your learning through the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Reading God's Word directly from the Scriptures will bring joy to your heart whiles His Spirit communicates with your spirit.
    Avoid reading interpretations by others until you have reached your own satisfactory understanding of God's word and its meaning. Read the passage(s) several times, go beyond a mere verse to make sure to understand the context, reference it with other passages related to were you are reading or what you are reading about.
    This will enhance your ability to open your understanding the message through the influence of God's Holy Spirit's power - the preferred source to reveal the Truth to the seeker for Truth.

    Reading the Scripture is not only good for learning God's Truth. It is also an edification to our souls and spirit. It uplifts our whole being to KNOW that we are part of a new creation, awaiting to be fully revealed at the time of the end.

    Reading directly from the Scriptures will move our hearts to compassion for the lost; the ones that are still walking by the light of this world, still needing to be called out to walk in the new light of God's Word.

    The power to direct our new life is only contained in the expressed Word of God as found in the Scripture. Exposing ourselves to it continuously will establish for us the new pathway to communicate with our Creator directly.

    Isaiah 55:6-13 - v.11: 'So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

    God's message is about the matter of life or death. And so we are called to engage in the work of His Love.
    In the letters from Paul to the Christians at Corinth, he shares a lot about the difficulties experienced during his ministry. But he is not deterred from continuing to spread the Word of God.
    II.Cor.2:14-17 - v.15,16: For we are unto God a sweet savour of Christ, in them that are saved, and in them that perish a savour of death unto death; ....

    I know that when we focus our unity/identity like a laser to use God's Light for the rescue of the perishing, we all will find common ground.


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