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  1. Awesome Korero I so want everyone to know the truth and the choices we make are for ever. Pray for my fmily, all those I contact and for the Holy Spirit to sweep through the World before the time of the antichrist's appearing. Scary stuff but exciting.
    Why don't we learn from our mistakes?
    Lord help us to be ready

    • What a wonderful commentary and those of others this week.
      I had, as the author mentions, considered the anti-Christ a person of future disclosure, instead of an attitude that I too can harbor.
      I pray that each of us will prayerfully seek guidance and assistance from the Holy Spirit, to rid our own hearts of anti-Christ attitudes.
      Jesus said "If I be lifted up I draw all men to Me..." (Jn 12:32). Surely He meant lifting Him up in our own hearts and our outward behaviors.

  2. I really thought that this was sobering article because I can be a persuasive person. I really want to be sure that I use that gift to encourage people to be ready for the kingdom of God and to make Jesus approved decisions that are right for them.

  3. We must be very careful to not compare the war in heaven with our earthly wars. By doing so we can portray the wrong concept and diminshed the omnipotency of God. God created all beings who were involved and He can annihilate and eradicate all who failed to obey His will, but God is Love and He is longsuffering and forebearing always. God chose to cast out Lucifer and 1/3 of His angels who sided with Lucifer for our sake and the whole universe and all the Hosts therein. At the end of this whole matter, every man woman and child will know that, God is a JUST GOD. Jesus came to redeem the fallen human race whosoever will choose His salvation and also to vindicate the character of God. That is love beyond our human finite comprehension. Thank you FATHER AND SON JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT for being patient with us showing us the truth about SIN and YOUR TRUE CHARACTER. Satan is a DEFEATED FOE and we can rejoyce in any trials, pain and suffering this world brings on us. For the Apostle Paul was moved by this knowledge to declared that his death is his joy. Unite with Christ daily until death or when He appears with the clouds of angels in the sky to take all of us home.

  4. This is very enlightening for me to clearly grasp the full concept of the antiCHRIST and what it really means. I am grateful on this material and I will share it as well. I have to admit that I too WAS "seeking" for end-time signs of the antiCHRIST IN SOMETHING OR SOMEONE IN ORDER TO PREPARE FOR IT and I had even put a label wholly on "specific non SDA religions (CHRIST IS THE ONE WHO JUDGES AND WE ARE TO POINT OTHERS TO CHRIST ,NOT CONDEMN THEM, FOR IN DOING SO WE CONDEMN OURSELVES, WE ARE TO TEACH FROM THE CONCEPT OF LOVE, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL DO THE REST). JOHN THE REVELATOR AND PAUL is pointing to the PAPACY, and when you brought out the biblical text from JESUS who says "he who is not with ME is against ME". This text really opened my mind spiritually about what it means on a deeper level. For satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy ALL who are not knowledgeable about his schemes. WE HAVE TO PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF GOD AND BE WATCHFUL IN PRAYER WITHOUT CEASING while we are going about our daily lives. OUR CHARACTER ALSO determines whose side we're on at the SECOND COMING of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WITH ALL THE HOST OF ANGELS!

  5. Thank you Sir for so great an article. I was seriously rebuked never to relate Jesus Christ with the angel Michael, please sir, can you throw more light about that?

    • Hi, Riga. thanks for your question. One of the verses used by those who claim that Michael is not Christ is Jude 1:9. They may state that Jesus would not have said "The Lord rebuke you." as He is the Lord. Yet if we look to Zechariah 3:2 we find the Lord himself using that same language. When we do a word study of the words "Michael" or "archangel," we can miss these other texts that shed light on the topic.

      While the Bible does not plainly state that Michael is Christ, I believe there is ample basis to come to that conclusion. However, I am not as concerned about what someone might believe on this issue as I am about those who would "seriously rebuke" someone over it. The Bible is extremely clear in instructing us not to set ourselves up as judges over one another. (See Romans 14:10-12, Luke 6:37) Judgment belongs to God and specifically Christ. (See John 5:22) When we judge another we are assuming a position of being more righteous than they are in some way. We should never forget that we are sinners, all under the same sentence of death but for the grace of God. As in the parable of the debtor (See Matthew 18:21-35), we should show mercy and compassion to others over these smaller matters, then we will find mercy and compassion ourselves. May the Lord grant peace and healing between you and your friend over this issue regarding Michael and Christ.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful insight!! I do keep saying to myself "...when that time comes"... while here on earth my worship and study time is lacking and weak, I'm too distracted by everyday worries. What a danger indeed, to postpone action and will to choose Christ's side.


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