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  1. Well stated Lillianne. A while back I watched a documentary on Richard Nixon. The documentary was well put together, and showed clearly how, while Nixon was always paranoid about his enemies destroying his political career, that in the end it was his supporters who destroyed him, by telling him only what he wanted to hear, and encouraged him with his self destructive schemes.

  2. It is very true indeed because of lack of wisdom, we often do not like to hear the truth. Truth hurts to most us because the life that we are living is a lie. We should pray sincerely to God to give us the power and the courage to accept the truth because it is only the truth that shall set us free.

    • he doesn't like church, and doesn't piaatciprte in worship? My dad treats the Bible as a history book; something you have to know about. He's all about knowing what's in the Bible and believing it to be true as well as following the 10 cammandments, but when it comes to Jesus' teachings, he only seems interested in knowing about them and not actually doing them. I'm not sure he has a real relationship with God, and if he doesn't, I'm not sure he knows how. I don't know that he understands worship either. He just stands and looks at the words of the song on the screen. When I was little, he told me to sing, but he wouldn't sing, himself. When I pointed that out to him, he began singing durring worship, but he was never really into it, and he doesn't even do that anymore. In fact, now it's a struggle just to get him to go to church at all. I don't think he understands what it means to be a follower of Christ, and I'm scared for him. I don't know what to do. I suggested that as a family, we should all (Mom, Dad, my brother, and I) sit down every day to read a few scriptures and discuss them, and it worked for awhile, but then it seems like suddenly everyone got too busy and soon we stopped all together, even when everyone was home. I feel like I'm the only one trying to stay in touch with God in my family anymore, and it's hard. My parents are willing to take me to church every Sunday, but they never want to go in. They just drop me off and come back when it's over. I talked my mom into going once and I got everyone to go to The Living Christmas Tree but no one seems to be 100% committed to God, and it's frusterating. Alot of times, I get frusterated and wonder if my prayers are even getting through. I know I wouldn't be in this situation if I couldn't handle it, but I don't know what to do. How can I help them? How do I make them see that being content enough to stop isn't a good thing? How do I explain to them that they should always want more? How do I explain to them that they can't (as you put it) retire from God? They seem to have forgotten that this life is temporary, and pales in comparrisson to the life they could have in heaven. Is there any advise you can give me on how to handle this situation?


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