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  1. my coment is on tuesday "Burden Bearing";knowing fully well that the heart of a man is very wicked it should'nt be trusted in the 1st place so therefore the only person to be trusted is Christ Jesus,even for His selfless character also knowing that He never fails & that He has lifted our burdens @ calvary so lets learn to cast our cares on Him alone.......

    • While your comment is sincere, we need each other because no man is an island and no man stands alone.
      The same faith we have in God should lead us to ask Him to show us that person in whom we can confide, who can share our burdens while keeping our confidence.
      Many are hurting because they are afraid of being judged and disgraced. But God can and will show the way if we allow Him to direct our paths.

  2. I pray that when we cast our burdens on Christ at His cross, He will give us one of His own people who's wicked carnal heart has been changed into the very heart of God and who will help and comfort us right here where we live. There are God's people everywhere. I pray that He guides us to them and them to us.

  3. While it's absolutely true that in a man's heart dwelleth nothing good but only evil, care and understand what the scriptures say in 2Cor 7:6, that even after you've taken your burdens to our Lord Jesus, He won't send an angel from heaven to literally comfort you, but He uses a human agent to comfort all those who come to Him for help. Learn how to talk to people, it helps. God bless.

  4. I agree with Ms Ilia trust in the Lord Take your burden to Him and leave it there. Because men will react to what they feel . IN stead of geniue uncorrputed Love for His fellow man.

  5. It is true that Jesus truly is faithful and I too was taught by my mother to let Him be the way that you take your deepest secrets and concerns to. It sometimes makes us look like very closed people but it saves us from having to filter out those who can keep your business private in their prayers and those who cannot.

  6. As much as I love these lessons, I have to agree with a few of the comments.
    It is a dangerous thing to share your personal problems with others. The heart of man/woman is very deceptive. You don't know who to trust.
    In cases like these you should look at the examples in the word of God. The story of Job is the best example. It tell us that if all our family, and friends fell us we can trust in God.
    We can go even further and say, when we have a problem, go directly to God. Don't look to friends nor family, but look to Him, for He is a sure thing. We know that He will have time for us, and that we are on His mind.
    Oh, and of course, He has the solution and/or answer we are looking for.

  7. It's very true that human minds are deceptive and sometimes it is very dangerous to share your problems.now you must first communicate the problems to God and seek for spiriual direction to the right person. But if you find out that the person has unravelled everything to the public, remember that we are bearers of each others burden. It may be his/her own burden and God wants you to help bear the problem.so you approach the person patiently and say that my dear, God has blessed you with special gift and even the way you help solved my problem truely shows you have a special talent but please,when someone else get to know the person's secrete he might not have confident in you and your talent can't be fruiful as God wants it to be.so please next time try and keep the issue discussed between both of you. Thank you for your audience.God bless you. So the moment you're able to do this, you are helping the person to bear his/her burden. Note that everybody has his/her own burden. God bless you.


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