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Call off the Search … Significance Found — 4 Comments

  1. Seems that the price of one person in the 8 billion is very small. Significance of men is of nothing. But that is all from God. He made this life like that so we will search for Him and not be satisfied in a life time.

  2. Beautiful Lillianne! I have never seen Toy Story but that is an awesome parallel. When you speak of teachers not using red ink so kids don't feel bad, I am reminded of what I heard a preacher say in his sermon years ago. Used to if Johnny wrote 2+2= 5 we would say "wrong." Now we just say, "wow Johnny. I guess that's a different way to look at it." I miss the old days when right was right and wrong was wrong.

  3. Wow thank you somuch for such uplifting writing. I heard the song you quoted once about 9 years ago and had been on a quest to find the lyrics, but to no avail. Well not any more :-). It is something we take lightly, the fact that we matter to God as individuals. May the Lord help us not to forget and to rest in the thought that we are His.


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