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Can Parents, Mentors, and Even God be Friends With Their Children? — 2 Comments

  1. I am guilty of repeating the "I am not your friend". A reflection of the brilliant popular psychologists/family life counselors encountered in my reading.
    Thanks for helping me to id how my un-christ-like behavior distanced family children/students whom I should have embraced in my mobile hospital classes at Sabbath School,home or work. Your post has been an instructive channel to remove this virus from my head.Today I begin a new path never to model My Creator's view of undisciplined behavior as unfriendly or toxic. After double-checking John 15:14,15, I was enlightened and relieved to see the word "Friend" specifically stated.It will not be easy to prioritize urgent/popular over important but John's promise helps me to lean to your explanation. Is patience a gift? It's hard to wait years 2C what you thought you completed in Cradle Roll Class. Then again I just need to plant and water the friendship. With oxygen today, I can humbly change paths for Him to do better in me tomorrow. Your posts are a continuing source for growth.


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