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  1. In Light of Paul's appeal....How often it is that we SDA's engage in arguments with non-Adventists, over the Sabbath issue for example, and yet fail to appeal to their hearts....We finish the heated debate over the bible with the attitude of ..."there! see! I told you so!"
    But Paul's approach was such that, after he set before the Galatians many biblical examples and truths.....out of sincere love for them, he begged them to turn from their error. Because a WORKS based Christianity.... is not 'following Christ'.... and Paul would hate for the Galatian church, which he established upon FAITH, to be amongst those in Matt. 7: 22 that cry out "Lord have WE NOT DONE many wonderful WORKS in thy name?"....Sadly, to hear Christ's reply "depart from Me"

      • ... been there... done that...with my very own dear relatives. It is one of the worst feeling seeing them get defensive but even worse, seeing them driven further away from the TRUTH!


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