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  1. This is an interesting study to have this week. I think just like the Pharisees many of us may have missed the whole point, how Jesus really wants us to look at the Sabbath. It should be a delight and not a burden and as such should not be governed by burdensome 'rules'.

    The above texts shows us that Christ set this day aside for us so we can be freed from the worldly cares and sin which are as a result of Satan's rebellion. We should really rejoice and praise Jehovah when he calls us to that sweet day of prayer because of that and also thank him for redeeming us when we should have perished. We also ought to rejoice when we see ourselves and others doing the will of our Father on this day. If someone needs Jesus or help why not offer what you have?

  2. The Sabbath was made for our benefit for spiritual renewal we must avoid secular activities on Sabbath bt to heal the sick is permitted.So for physicians it s permissible to work on Sabbath but that day must not be paid for,it is dedicated to God,they offering the service for free of charge

    • What about a worker in a power plant? Don't we need electricity on Sabbath? What about police? What about water supply? What about customer services? Where do you draw the line? Why is the pastor being paid for working on Sabbath?
      Be careful to not only think inside your box.

      • The Lord gives wisdom to those who ask and who want to truly keep the Sabbath. Most workers can arrange to trade shifts with someone else. Failing that, they can dedicate Sabbath income to missions. Some who have done that have found that they tended to work fewer Sabbaths after that.

        Not sure what you mean about "customer services," but it does not sound like a life-saving or life-preserving necessity.

        And, by the way, pastors are not paid "for working on the Sabbath." They are paid to be pastors, and that happens to involve preaching in the Sabbath. There's a difference. It is much like the priests in in Israel - and like God. He's busier on the Sabbath than any other day, because more requests ascend to Him. 🙂

        But if we focus on rules, we will miss the blessings of the Sabbath, no matter how carefully we keep them. And the focus on rules can make us rationalize all sorts of activities as "necessary" so we may do them. (For instance, it is "necessary" to make money, or my family will die.) If we focus on nurturing our relationship with God and His children, we will naturally tend towards activities that do that. We will trust God when we cannot see how we can not work on Sabbath and survive, and He will surely bless.

  3. Could we keep our teenagers and adolescents interested and involved by having them prepare finger food sandwiches and taking it into community youthr centers?
    Having them present our message of salvation with music and visit children's group homes? Serving in areas like these remind me of what Jesus did and would enthuse our young ones and minister to our communities while introducing the real meaning of one of the aspects of Sabbath keeping.

    • Yes, those are very good things that the younger people can do as well as alternate those with teaching to them the bible by the use of bible games etc.


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