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  1. Thank you for sharing the experience of Regine. I'm praying to be able to love even my enemy and to show the love of Jesus toward every person that I meet. Fill me with Your love my Savior!

  2. Thank you for these excellent points Lillianne.Several years ago a mother wanted me to have Bible studies with her son, even though he had no desire to be baptized, and did not want the studies. I told the mother, I did not feel comfortable forcing people to study who have no desire. She told me I did not have to pressure him to be baptized but to at least study with him one time. The first lesson I did on the hope of eternal life, and knowing he was not interested, I stopped in the middle of the study and told him it was time for me to go. He told me I had not fully answered the question yet on how to have eternal life. Now usually I would stay until they completely understood it, but given the situation and all, I told him it was time for me to leave and we would have to finish next week, that is if he wanted me to come back next week, because I knew he told his mother he was not interested and I did not want to bug him. He adamantly declared he wanted me back next week to answer the question. I came back and he finished he entire set of lessons and got baptized by making his own decision. Sometimes you compel people more by not being pushy.

  3. Sometimes we, humans try to love God in our own little way, as well as love each others in our own way. Many times we fail, or we feel we fail each other because if the person responds to us as we like, we are over joyed, if not, we leave them alone. Over and over, again and again, I realized I cannot love God as supreme if His spirit is not dwelling in me. The more I love Him, the more I want to spend time with Him speaking and listening to Him. Presently, I spend more time for other things than spiritual things. Also, to love one's enemy, the spirit of God has to be in us. We do not turn our back to their basic needs, while prayer is good, it takes more than prayer. Many are hungry spiritually and physically. Jesus makes no separation who to feed, all was fed with food and the gospel. Let us not count anyone out, not so quickly.

  4. The mother eagle, after raising her chicks to a certain age, begins to rough up the nest to make them as uncomfortable as possible so they leave. She puts thorns in the nest and removes the softer leaves.
    God is doing that with the world. In order to encourage people to come to Him He is allowing the winds of strife to be released by the angels...we are seeing strife on every side....Jesus said that the times would come when the nations and their leaders would have no answers to the problems assailing mankind...perplexing problems ...no way out. We must not see this as God's judgements, but His workmanship to entice, encourage, and yes, compel people to come to Him before it is too late. Let us use these perplexing times, not as a hindrance to mankind's peace or joy, but as an invitation to a hope and a future without the materialism and false security that the things of the world offer. It was only after the chick left the nest that it started to fly.

  5. For me, what compels me to do good are thoughts of Christ's Gethsemane experience and what He endured up to Calvary. The Supreme King, by whom all that we see and that we don't see, marvellous things were created by Him, through him and for Him. Had majestic angelic host to command and King of the awesome heavenly kingdom that John the revelator had trouble describing because of how amazing it is.

    To think that someone with all that power and a standing could give up all, risk everything to die in my place compels me to follow Him. I should have died for all my shortcomings but because he loved me so much he came and suffered in my place to offer Salvation to me which I should take by Choice.

    The beauty with our Master is that he presents us with his love and offers us a choice, to choose good or evil, Christ or the Devil. By drawing people's attention to that we can compel them to choose Christ in the Great Controversy not by force but by presenting Christ as a loving creator who risked all for mankind. That should be compelling enough. We would also compel others to follow Christ by showing them Love as Regine did.


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