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  1. In the introduction of this week, it may be true that it is the church leaders who fail to choose the right people for the right ministry, however, as a church everyone should know from their heart that we are all called for the same purpose of spreading the gospel to all nations. Therefore, as an individual one needs to be committed toward any task given to him/her. The work becomes easy and interesting due to determination and constant prayers which in turn fuels the ministry and many people get to know GOD and accept Christ as their personal savior. Thanks.

    • My name is Jennifer Coggins and been studying with you since the first of the year. I'm an Evangelist in my community and in so much agreement with this passage above about sharing the gospel (good news) to all nations. I'm thankful for all things and in humility I'm committed toward any task given to share the love and life of Christ inside of me with others. This is a passion and a love not only that it's my divine life on the line to connect with others and engage in communities and help rebuild everyone I meet for a living hope that Christ is alive. This work is a work of prayer and love toward others, neighbors, and everyone you meet. Remember them, forgive them, and pray for them to be saved. One day they will make that commentment to turn and follow Jesus Christ. Acts 2:40-47

  2. Indeed the mission of reaching out to the people is for everyone in the church, and every Christian needs to show interest. The leaders will only assign responsibilities if it is manifested by the members. Leaders have a great job to look on who can do the right thing at the right time in so far as the evangelism and witnessing is concerned. If the interest comes from both sides it will be easier for the church of the Lord to take control of this esteemed task. We have to remember that if we do not do any thing now, stones will finish this work. So where is our assurance to be in heaven?

  3. The only way one shall pass the kingdom of God by grace is through faith & self commitment to the work we are entitled (proclaim gospel of Jesus Christ) by heavenly Father Jehovah. During the resurrection God will remember his people for this, so it becomes challenging to be positive to such ministries if your potential gift is not discovered yet. Then its like missing your greatest opportunity that ever existed. For this reason I realize praying for those entitled in leadership positions in the church to be a good foundation. Let's try to the maximum of our best with the help of the Holly Ghost. Thanks!!

  4. I have found some points that could be of interest to someone out there!

    1. Paul is writing this charge to Timothy after having attended a session where Paul presented the truth before many people "heard of me". The question is, what truth have you heard from church, a witness and or in our past studies of the week? Unless there is truth you have heard, then you might not have anything to share for the rest of this week!

    2. "...among many witnesses..." while others learn of life-changing truths which will mark the beginning of their careers and impact on their lives forever, it is sad to note: most of us provide the enabling environment for their salvation only! We add to the numbers of those who attend. While a 'Timothy' is getting his or her charge on a church pew, does your attendance mean anything? Maybe lets scratch were it itches a bit: as some are making contributions and learning from the forum and yours is -I like this- or an unrelated topic for that matter; are you not providing an enabling environment only? I would rather be the Timothy than the mere attendee. Be counted amongst those who will remember what was said and have a task to carry the word forward.

    3. "... commit…" this is Timothy's charge: to train other believers. It should be noted that, Paul does not come back to say the same truth but he entrusts Timothy with the retraining of the witnesses. Most of us got our charge when we chose the Lord as our Saviour but are still waiting for the same pastor to come and preach to us again. Whatever we learnt we have not passed on to this day! How sad? We cannot be won to Christ twice. Once we receive Him, we receive the obligation to commit our new found joy to those how have not yet received it.

    4. "…faithful men..." note, the person attribute that is required for this job is faithfulness. By the same token the key performance indicator remains faithfulness. Faithful men can be trained for witnessing even though they did not attend the initial presentation of Paul. The reason is simple; s/he will apply oneself to duty fully. S/he will not take one's hand off the plough for whatever reason Lk 9:62. Is it possible that some of us received a charge which was not intended for us? It was designed for the faithful ones and we just don’t make the grade. No wonder we have been unfaithful in sharing the word of God!

    5. "...able to teach others also." While the person attribute being sought is one of faithfulness, by the same token; a true witness will be measured by the level of their faithfulness to God and to the task of seeking souls for the Kingdom. The best lesson a faithful teacher can teach is faithfulness itself. It is of note that, once the lesson is delivered, it is with the primary intention of making more faithful teachers (witnesses). When we are saved into the Kingdom the criteria is simple: "His lord said unto him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. (Mat 25:23 KJV)". Faithfulness in all things!!!!!


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