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Sunday: Letting the Left and Right Hand Know — 5 Comments

  1. I believe personal ministries meetings should be open to the members as well as leaders so the entire church can know and become involved in the church evangelism and personal ministries outreach programs.

  2. David, I very much agree the personal ministries meetings should be "open." The church members that are not involved in decision making are unlikely to take "ownership" of the plans. Thus, whatever the committee decides should also be brought to the church in a general meeting for real input -- meaning a willingness to change the plans, if members indicate such a need.

    But this day's lesson made me think of something else:
    Weekly reporting on "missionary activities" used to be done regularly in Adventist churches. It has fallen out of favor, I suppose, because it was considered to be a "works" thing. But this lesson points out the necessity of keeping the body informed of what individual members are doing. Without such informing, there is no chance of working together.

    I wonder whether we could revive the "reporting" with a slightly different emphasis -- a focus on asking for prayer and support for whatever individuals are doing in outreach. If we made this a regular part of our routine, I believe it could be a great benefit.

  3. if a team is to reach its maximum potential each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals for the good of the team. Alone we can do so little - together we can do much.

  4. The very people we reject in our decision making are those with the great ideas to promote evangelism and witnessing in our church. Therefore the church should include any member of the church when planning for evangelism and witnessing.

  5. Solomön tells to consider the benefits of being two but how are we to show this in our ministry? The Bible provides for corporate evangelism and witnessing. The left hand to the right hand, joined together for the fulfiling of the mission of the Lord.


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