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    During a time of terrible persecution and uncertainty, the Apostle John was banished to the Isle of Patmos. There was no way out. Facing the darkest hours of his life, John had many questions on his heart. He couldn't think his way out. He couldn't see his way out. Though he lived to an old age there, he didn't know he would do so at the time.

    However, Jesus knew some things John didn't know. Jesus was about to invite John up into the heavens. Jesus wanted to give John some new perspective and some fresh insight

  2. As we climb the Christian ladder, trials and misfortunes will be our daily food but the good part is our MASTER will be with us.

  3. Thank you Lillianne for sharing this true and powerful article. I pray for all of us to build our house of character on the Rock that will withstand all trials and tribulations that will blow upon us suddenly. Thanks be to our loving Saviour Jesus Christ, for He did not leave us as Orphans but prepared for us all the necessary defenses that we may become Victors with Him. He also promised to be with us even unto the end. CHEERS!!!

  4. It is not just loss of employment which is persecution. I am unemployed and live in England. England has an anti-religious discrimination law so getting a job and keeping the Sabbath in theory should be easy. In reality NO as the law says potential employers can refuse to allow an employee to observe their religion if it will affect the business badly. This has resulted in me being refused many job interviews as the potential boss says me NOT working on Sabbath will affect the business. With the way the law is written I have NO legal protection from religious discrimination.

    • Interesting observation, John. So the law only seems to protect against religious discrimination.

      Perhaps we should all realize that we cannot put our trust in men or in human institutions. We need to depend on God for everything - including our income. Self-employed people are forced to this realization on a day-to-day basis. Those who have a secure job can sometimes lose the sense of dependency on God.

      I pray that God will teach you and guide you as you seek employment. May He give you wisdom in the way you present yourself, and may He lead you to a job where you can not only earn an income but also be a witness for Him.

      • Thanks Inge Anderson for your response on John predicament with the discrimination laws in England. It is sad that John cannot find a job because of religious discrimination. Your response leads to Hebrews 10:23-24, which says in paraphrase ".. let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful but instead consider ways of spurring each one another on towards good deeds".

        Amidst difficulties the hope we profess will keep us happy and focused. For Christ is more than able to provide for us and keep us standing even in unemployment due to religious discrimination.

        As Adventists we need to be part of the solution the world desires today. I believe Christ is ready to use us willing to create enterprises that will employ all without discrimination and do business for the Glory of God that the world may be drawn to Him the author and finisher of Good business.

        Be encouraged with these words. Blessings!


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