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  1. A new future

    The restoration of God`s image is also illustrated by Paul in a comparison between Adam and Christ, transgression and grace, condemnation and justification, death and life (Romans 5:12-21). Adam`s sin corrupted man`s nature introducing sin and death to all mankind. But the grace of God in Christ Jesus, abounding far above sin, offers Christ`s righteousness to all who are under condemnation. The penalty of sin was punished on the cross and transgression canceled. Judgement and grace united, never to be separated nor desctroyed. The son of rightesouness ushered in a new furture -- life instead of death. The chain of transgression and death is broken, changed by Christ`s righteousness and life. The intimate connection with the risen Lord carries on justification in sanctification (Romans 6:4-5).

    This calls for daily commitment to Christ, our righteousness and sanctification. The restoration of God`s image is an ever ongoing process of growing in Christ.

    Winfried Stolpmann, Germany

  2. Your commentaries are straightforward and meaningful. They relate to everyday life and can be understood by all.

    Thanks for doing this ministry and may God continue to give you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding you desire to draw us closer to Him.

  3. This was awesome! Thank you Lilliane for reminding me of God's amazing grace that transforms us into his likeness. Keep letting Him use you to bring these lessons to life.

  4. Thank you for this well presented post Lillianne, that really touched my heart. When I grew up I was taught by my dad that you don't buy something new until what you have just won't work anymore. You fix what you have instead of buying something new. Obviously not everyone got that memo, when they build new multi-million dollar stadiums when the ones they already have arent even broke! But it goes beyond that. Marriages are thrown away, and many other relationships are kicked to the curb that could be fixed if we would just take the time that Rick takes, or even more so that Jesus takes. We all want the quick fix now. If we don't get along with somebody at work or church, its easier to just look for another job, or hope they find another job, or just change churches, or hope they change churches, instead of learning how to get along. Our relationships and lives are worth fixing and not throwing away. Thank you Lilliane for showing us that this process is worth the time and patience, and with God it can be done.

  5. I have read the commentary and the comments and do agree with the views expressed. I must also say that God uses every avenue to relate His plan of restoration. The Commentary and the comments are an inspiration to me. thank you Lord for the Holy Spirit who guided me to the reading of these comments. May the Lord continue to bless you.


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