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  1. The encounter of Eve and Satan just telss us how dangerous paleying to temptation can be.the only way to overcome is by using Jesus's method of rebuking sin with Scriptures and prayer.Mathew 4:4,7,10.Luke 22:44.

    • Chileng'i, you are certainly correct about the danger of playing with sin. I would add that knowing scriptures and praying are not the complete recipe for overcoming. There must be a relationship of built on our love for God and our trust in His power.

    • That's true. But hey! Just reading the scriptures and prayer alone isn't enough. By TRULY reading the scripture and praying, I believe we're inviting God to become part of the duel. With Him all things are certainly possible - that's the only way we can become victorious!

  2. I have also noticed how important it is as husband and wife to be together. When the snake was talking to Eve, Adam was not with him physically there. In spiritual terms let us be in one Spirit so much that when the evil one comes we are fully equipped and we are able to stand firm for what we believe in though we might not be physically together.

  3. Satan knows us better than we know ourselves. Like sports teams that studies the film on another team to plan a strategy to defeat that team, Satan does the same thing. He knows our weaknesses and he brings that temptation to us. I believe that he watched Eve looking at the forbidden tree and planed a strategy to get her to listen to him. To plant in her mind that she was missing out on something, and that God was holding back something from her. Just as we teach our children to run and not talk to strangers, Eve should have run back to her husband.
    What we should do when faced with a temptation is to quote scripture just as Jesus did. Then tell Satan to get behind us.

  4. Adam and Eve broke five of the ten commandments: 1- when she trusted Satan more than God, she displaced Him from the 1st. place (Thou shalt have no other gods);2- she coveted the fruit (Thou shalt not covet);3- She took the fruit, which was God's (Thou shalt not steal);4- She gave it to her husband and that ultimately caused his death (Thou shalt not kill) and 5- they played the blame game instead of recognizing their wrong doing (Thou shalt not bear false witness). The grace of God was later manifested when the Lamb suffered five puncture wounds (2 hands, 2 feet and His side).

  5. We have 20/20 hind sight and can offer advice, that Eve should not have made choices that would separate her from Adam or God, and have the effect or outcome that those choices made. We do not know if this was a first time visit to the tree. She may have admired the tree a number of times. This would certainly give Satan an opportunity to devise a plan of deception. It is unlikely that Eve fully grasped all the ramifications of listening and doing what the serpent was suggesting. I do not picture Eve weighing pro's and con's and making a conscious decision to mistrust God. Satan accused God of withholding valuable information. Can we see parallels in our lives today? I think so. What temptation is our biggest weakness. Things that we rationalize as "good for us" that really can lead to a nonexistent relationship with God? I see it as not one but many, many, allurements that blur our focus on our Creator, God.


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