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  1. Thank you, Curtis, for reminding us of Whom we address when we pray.

    I believe that if we remember that we are addressing the Almighty King of the universe and the Creator of all things, we will ask for great things in our prayers. Things that will glorify His name in this earth. I think He is disappointed that we ask so little.

    • Thanks Inge. Sometimes I almost hesitate to ask God to do greater things because I can't imagine that with me in the equation, that's possible. The great blessings He's already done for me are more than I once imagined so there can't be anything greater? Faulty thinking 101.

      • Curtis,
        Thank you for setting the bar higher. Groveling in prayer is a culture that I grew up in. The word "grovel" has to do with servitude. Then you quoted John 15:5-8 and I remembered that John 15:15 is the remedy to groveling. "I no longer call you servants...but friends." I realized that as a servant I talked differently to Him. As a friend, it changed my prayer life.


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