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  1. Amen, we praise God that our access to Eden has been restored by Our Saviour Jesus. Please tell me, what are Godbumps?

  2. While I look forward to Eden restored, I also think it is useful to remember two important things.

    1) God wants to restore his relationship with us now. He has done his part and it is up to us to allow that restored relationship to work in our lives.

    2) The restored Eden/New Earth has the potential to be viewed as cargo cultism if we forget about the restoration experience available to us now. Jesus said "Occupy till I come" - an invitation to share the "now" experience of a restored relationship with others. This does not mean that we go around telling people they are wrong, but rather sharing the relationship that they have with Jesus.

    Heaven is not pie in the sky stuff, if we have the good stuff to share with others now!

  3. Amen Maurice, but William and Sister White put it so nice, it draws me to a now restoration, so does the Cross of Christ as I focus and meditate on what He has done for me. The restoration experience is complete when I share the Good News of the Gospel of Christ with someone else today.

  4. I read this piece and at my age 55 I just burst into tears Let's just continue to pray for each other that we all can be a part of this grand celebration. By the way folks Plz look out for me because I'm gonna be the one who makes the most noise in heaven. this is gonna be a celebration and Imma gonna do just that!

  5. What heaven will be like has been food for thought for untold numbers. I cannot imagine what the past has to offer. Conjecture about the future and what God has planned should fill our minds and be of greater interest than what our finite minds are capable of. Only those that are there will know.

  6. I have come to be personally convicted that the restoration perspective is one which far more accurately conceptualises the ways God is going about actually restoring His creation back to the way it was supposed to have been via dealing with the actual damage done by 'sin'. Now that is a God that I am drawn to and am keen to share with others.

  7. I read your post with great anticipation, I enjoyed every bit of it. Our God is the greatest, so incomparably, who can love like Him. Let us make Heaven our home. Let's all allow Him to live in our hearts and encourage others along in the course that been set before us byJesus.
    God Bless you real good.


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