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Ephesians 6: Overcoming the Powers of Darkness — 2 Comments

  1. This message was so timely and powerful. It truly ministered to my heart as I have been seeking God earnestly as I was struggling with a relationship with someone whom I felt was not being genuine, was being deceitful unnecessarily and it was not giving me any peace. I was praying for their deliverance because I know that they were seeking their own understanding while desiring a stronger relationship with God. This lesson reminded me of the devil's working in their lives and helped me to separate the person from the works of the devil. It helped me to feel compassion and it made it easier for me to pray on their behalf...stand in the gap for God to deliver them and to turn them back to him. God is a a miracle worker and I know he will deliver them from the grips of the devil. Amen!!!!


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