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Sabbath: Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle — 8 Comments

  1. Hi, I am very happy to find this site here and I pray so that our might LORD Jesus give you strength so that through the Holy spirit you may go far from where you started.
    Actual I was not okay to go to church without a lesson so I was board till when I find a friend who helped me to search in the internet and here I find you.
    thanks once again for helping people like us to know Jesus through the steps on how to learn the Bible through lesson. I am real sorry for the broken English I am student trying to learn it
    wish you all the best in this Journey, may God keep you safe till other time.

  2. So touched by the fact that people are watching me to see if my lifestyle matches my profession/my call. I can't imagine the change that would happen if we all lived according to Gods will. The world would be turned upside down. Lord help us to achieve Christlike character.

  3. What would you think of a person selling some medicine that he professes to cure illness when he himself is visibly sick? Obviously you would think that that person is by no means truthful. The same applies with today's Christians, we cannot expect the world to understand us and pay attention to us when we tell them of how Christ's love can transform a person into a new, refined, right-doing being when we ourselves are not potraying those qualities in the way we are living our lives.

  4. I thank God for giving us this message ...... I am thankful that I shared it with one of my workmates, from starting of this month she is happy to attend our local church and learning new things she had never heard of ...... Thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to witness about your love.

    • Dear Litty,
      Thank you for sharing what God is doing through you!! May you continue to look to Jesus for leading. Life becomes a rewarding journey when we go where He leads, as you are finding out. 🙂

  5. Evangelism and witnessing is only possible if we be consecrated and have the zeal to be reapers. We are too relaxed. We need revival and reformation. May we pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

  6. What a tragic irony if we who profess to be the remnant, called out of darkness into His marvelous light, are found to be caught in that favourite quirk of the Laodicean church, paying lip-sevice to the gospel, and deluding ourselves that we've got it! Oh yes, the need for the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, to revive, to reform, so that we can practice what we teach, has never been greater.


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