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Further Study: Spiritual Gifts for Evangelism and Witnessing — 9 Comments

    • Training should not be viewed as giving spiritual gifts, but as helping members discover and use the gifts that the Holy Spirit has given.

      Spiritual gifts do not do away with the necessity of planning and training. Jesus trained His disciples. Paul trained Timothy, etc.

  1. We evangelize and witness in every step of our life style. Spiritual gifts are weapons. Training identifies them!

  2. I have a question I have a gift but don't understand it. when I shake peoples hands who are hurting inside or in sin my hand physicaly hurts. I pray what's going on. God what do you want me to do? some times he says pray for them. most of time he tells me what it is wrong then minister to them. sometimes don't tell me at all just says go talk to them ask them what's wrong. after I do this the pain goes aways but if I don't pain will continue until I repent for not talkin and then I pray for person. so what kinda gift is this I'm assuming discernment and gift of knowledge it really helps me be effective in evangelism

    • Hi, Adrian. You obviously have a caring heart. Outside of Jesus, I have never met anyone who was not experiencing pain in some form because of the trauma that this sinful world has brought into their lives. Perhaps even you have been touched by sadness over some loss or injury inflicted by the evil one on you personally or someone you love. We would do well to pray for everyone we meet as the spiritual war continues and the wounded are real and many. May we each do our part to minister to the wounded and bring healing and love to ease their sorrow.

  3. Some people may realize their spiritual gifts by their own, but some may need some guidance to realize the same. Proper guidance may lead you to analyze your spiritual gifts and use it for the services of the Holy Spirit.


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