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  1. It's all about the simple things that we do in life that makes the church a better place of gathering to worship.

  2. Thank you so much for helping us to remember that we can speak life into people and situations by our words.

  3. It is so easy to get so involved in what "needs to be done" even on Sabbath morning that one can forget to give that encouraging word to someone who is not on your "to do list". We do need to be reminded often how important it is to give the smile and greeting. Also, how important to learn the names of those who are not in your circle of friends. I try to make a point to learn the names of the children and greet them by name.
    They need to know that they are an important part of the church family.

  4. I wonder if the reason we are critical is because we do not/have not gotten close enough to our family of believers. The statement about walking a mile in another's shoes comes to mind. To get close we have to care, invest time, be someone who can be trusted. I think of a word picture from a book I read, saying we are like a group of people in a circle, all sitting on chairs that face outwards.

    I like the EG White comment -approx. "when we love the world as Christ loves it, then for us His work is complete. We are ready for heaven, for we already have it in our hearts." That is my prayer that God will open my eyes to the incredible value of even the "least" of my brothers and sisters. We are all created to be masterpieces, with the potential placed in us by God to do amazing exploits in Christ.

  5. I am reminded of the text in Proverbs 25:12 and Proverbs 25:13. It goes something like this: (All heaven rejoices when) valid criticism falls on an obedient ear.
    I had the privilege of attending Gladstone Camp meeting last week (Oregon Conference of SDA's). On Friday I was up early and went for a brisk walk around the outside perimeter of the camp ground. As I was approaching the north gate near where our trailer was parked there was a crowd, some with numbers, some without, some walking briskly, and some running. I joined them at the north gate. As we finished the 5K I was reminded of my life aim, to join the crowd of the redeemed, the holy angels, and Jesus, our giver of life.
    I have joined, how about you? Don't you think it would be good to bow you head where ever you are right now and make, or renew your commitment to Christ?

  6. When I first heard this message in 2006, I accepted the callenge and put a plan into motion to drive my Sports Car from Cape Town, South Africa (through as many African countries as I can afford ) to Egypt and across to Slovakia then to London then from New York to Portland, Oregon. I have a message to share with God's People and a Bridge to Build from the City of Cape Town to The City of Portland. I am planning to leave Cape Town on 1st March 2013. Pray with me for the success of this Unique Humanitarian Overland Expedition.

  7. I loved this message and makes me remind how Jesus treated the sinners and his kind love for mankind, and sacrifice at the cross.
    Amazing grace!


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