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  1. For me having "grown up in the church" breaking the bonds of pride and self-righteousness is/has been a very difficult thing to do. It is so easy to think that everyone should "do Christianity" like I do. But praise God,
    He has shown me that it is not my responsibility "to teach others how to be a good Adventist", but rather to love and encourage them in their relationship with Jesus, and not try to do the work of the Holy Spirit.

    • Well spoken, Luana. None of us is a finished work until Jesus comes again.(See 1 Corinthians 15:50-54) Until then we are all a work in progress and God through the mighty agency of his Holy Spirit leads us each step of the way according to his determination of when we are ready and able to grow in our relationship with God. Like a skilled surgeon who would prefer not to operate unless conditions are optimal, God does not desire to take us to a higher experience until we are best able to handle it. (See 1 Corinthians 10:13) I look forward to further growth as God determines I am ready for it. One day we will each be able to look back over the course of our lives and see how the Spirit has led each of us differently but to the same victory in Jesus that Paul speaks of in his letter to the Corinthians. We will see that our experiences in the Spirit will have prepared each of us for a unique place in the universe unlike that of any other in all of creation.

      When we look around us and see the leaves of a tree, snow falling through the sky, or even the hairs on our heads, we discover that each leaf, each snowflake, each hair is unique, both in form and function. How can it be any different for us? In our uniqueness is the potential for harmony that cannot exist in a musical score where every note is identical.

      • I appreciate your comment regarding harmony, rather than uniformity, Stephen. I believe God is looking for His people to demonstrate the harmony of love in this world that is so full of discord.

      • Thank you, Steven Terry, for this comment. For some time now I have felt as if I were on a plateau waiting, even coveting that higher ground. You have helped me see it is all in His good time. I will wait on the Lord and with His help do all and be all He wants of me right where I am.

  2. Actually, I am very thankful for those members who lovingly instructed me in a closer walk with Jesus. Coming from the world there were things in my dress as well as in my worship and other areas of my life which made it seem like I was still in "Egypt". I longed to come up higher. I wanted to glorify God in all aspects of my life and welcomed the (as some in our church would put it) "criticism". My joy and walk with Jesus was not determined whether I continued to worship like a charismatic or dress like a "worldling" but by my continual abiding experience I had in Jesus and my willingness to walk in the light as truth and instruction in righteousness was presented to me. Thank you Jesus for using people in your church to share the truth with me or else I would have never known what your revealed will was for me.

  3. I really appreciate this artical. It is so important that we allow new believers to fall in love with Jesus rather then try to keep up with different individuals take on how we should "Show" others outwardly that you are a Christian. When we love Jesus with all our heart and truly want to be like Him, He will send information our way to help us (and it will be lovingly not harsh and ugly). It is up to each individual to except and grow, no human holds the time clock on when or how it will be excepted. May God bless you as you share the good news of Jesus love.


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