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  1. Very encouraging thought that is Lillianne! Thank you.
    The motivation that most people have is what our Christian friend had just brought up. Now, what about if no one cares to watch us in our daily Christian walk, does that mean that we will stop just because no one cares? What will our attitiude and motivation now be? I like Paul's statement when he says that "he wants to please God, and not men". I'm not commenting to contradict the thought our friend had just presented, because I agree with her in general. I'm just inserting a thought that may be beneficial to our study. One of my favorite Christian gospel songs is titled 'No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus' inspired me to add this thought.

  2. Thank you Lillianne. Lately I really feel like I am living in a fishbowl. People in church will come up to me and tell me, "I saw you coming out of the store Thursday afternoon" or "we saw you riding your bike on the sidewalk on Habana Street" etc. and yes I was at all those places at that time. I find it interesting that even in a large city people are watching me.

  3. Thank you for writing the fishbowl Christians. I believe that we all need to be reminded that people are always watching us even when we are not thinking about it. It made me realize that we need to make sure that we pray and put our Christian armour on before we leave our house in the morning, to ensure that we are rightly representing Christ. Thanks again for sharing.


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