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Wednesday: Every Part Does Its Share — 5 Comments

  1. A wonderful message! Thank you.
    Everyone should take it religiously. We're part of the church. We should do our share. A share that we're capable of. I am not telling everyone should preach to the public or going to the community and tell them what we have. Little and simple things could do. Share the gifts you have. Talents, abilities or even time is helpful. Most importantly and sometimes neglected the Christ-like character in ourselves which is vital part of evangelism and personal ministry.

  2. As members of the church, each one of us has a gift/talent from God, thus when we come together and share what we have then the church wil grow in all the fields of spritual life. So when planning in church we need to involve all members to come out with good strategies that will facilitate the spread of the gospel.

  3. We should also give others a chance to exploit their potential. It is in sharing in church that we know our gifts. When we have known our talents, we should use them to glorify our God. We should not be jealous of others simply because they can do what we cannot do since God gave us different talents, there is a part where you as an individual are good at. Do it for the glory of God. Use it in evangelism.

  4. Just as the body parts have specific functions, we as church members are so, each member has a special work to do in proportion to the gift s/he has.

  5. I believe also, that we as individuals, should not sit back and wait to be invited, if we believe in doing Gods work, then we ought to let our church leaders know, what our gifts are. Maybe each church, should have a record of all the skills and gifts of each church member, in order to invite those with required skills to participate. Many members are shy in volunteering as the stronger/more confident in the church, get chosen, most of the time. But a church register of skills and gifts should be kept.


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