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  1. This is one of my favorite posts to date. It is a great reminder, we must look out for each other. Our live lives need to reinforce that we are team-players for all Christians and are willing to help those they do not know Christ get to Him. Thanks for sharing your story it is very encouraging!

  2. A great story of team work, Lilliane!

    Now tell me, who came up with this "really great plan." Was it a couple leaders at the top who said, "Here's what we want you to do"?

    Or did someone suggest the idea and all discussed it until the majority decided that that's what you all wanted to do? (There just might be a lesson in this story regarding how to get a working church team.)

    • Actually, the idea came from a small group of students. The "adults" didn't think we could do it, but said we could try. They pretty much stood back and operated as consultants, while the students organized.
      I think you're right...if we can motivate the church body, the leaders' jobs would be mainly consultation and advice...and would move much more quickly.

      • I wonder how the story would have turned out if the adults had suggested the plan in the first place.

        By what you say, your band "owned" the plans, and that's why they were determined to succeed! 🙂

  3. Great story on unity and teamwork. I'll share this with my family as an example of working together, not only in evangelism, but also in planning family reunions. Even a word of encouragement from those unable to be a part, like the lady who brought you food, is a big morale booster. A spirit of sacrifice and servitude, like our Saviour's, is important in our daily lives.

  4. Wow Lillianne! Tears welled up in my eyes too just thinking about what you wrote. This was not a sports team but the greatest example of teamwork I have ever seen. While it is true that we all can go to heaven and none of us need miss out, your story also made me think of Jesus who was willing to say goodbye to life forever if we could be saved, and Moses too come to think of it. What a refreshing story and great way to start my day! Thank you!

  5. William, thank you so much for you kind words. The whole experience was life changing for us as teenagers. I hadn't thought of the Moses connection, but you are right. Your comments are so encouraging. Thank you.


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