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  1. William Thanks.

    Your have talked my life story through other name..

    Off course God is under control.

    Loves us in any situation we face.

    • The story of Wayne, fact or fiction, is true in many lives of modern day and age circumstances. The sad truth also like Wayne, no one really cares. Our lives are too busy satisfying our own desires. The headline news is full of crimes of every sort. Edification is a seldom used word. How is change possible? One someone who loves as Matt 22:37-39,one at a time. Before it is too late, we all need to be aware when opportunity for change presents it's self and we try to make a difference.

    • Happy Sabbath
      William also mentioned my story using another name.
      Praise The Lord for His encouragement for this is what I needed.
      Thanks William and may God continue to use you.

  2. God is only powerful for everything, if you desire something, ask our lord,soon he will give it to you.

    If you didn't get it at the same time, be patient and he knows the time. Let us not hasten for doing abominable iniquity, our lord he will not be happy for us.
    Let us standfirm to our father in heaven.

    Chatim Daniel Diu,Juba,South Sudan.
    Current in New Delhi, Indian.

  3. Sometimes God allows us to pass through all these so as to be lesson and beef up our faith and trust in Him when we come out of its.i for one .one thing I always struggled for .thus the cross,when we read john 3:16,there our hope in Christ Jesus comes and Revelation 21:4, testifies God's kindness and care, believers,there is a God who care and is ever ready hold our hand as He did for Peter on the sea when he was sinking,the hands of the lord is ever ready save us if we recognise His presence in our lives. Amen

  4. Who do you think would want to put such thoughts in our mind God or Lucifer? Like Job I would want to come to the conclusion; " thou he slay me yet will I trust him."

  5. Could you answer a query for me, was the son of David and Bathsheba's illicit liaison not allowed to die, was Solomon not born after David officially took Bathsheba to be his wife.

    • Sharon, I share your feelings on this. There is a thought in a book that I would share if I may. It simply says, "With the Bible in hand, [we] should seek in a courteous manner to learn the objections which exist in the minds of those who are beginning to inquire, 'What is truth?'". (Gospel Workers p.190.)

      Yes, I do agree; there are people in our churches who are afraid to share their feelings/frustrations... even in "one on one" conversations. Perhaps some expect/anticipate that they would be shut down. And if somebody began speaking like Job today, I doubt that they would be able to get much out. Job's 3 friends were "miserable comforters", but it seems to me that they were capable of listening to Job's complaints.

      Job, though, was also willing [and able] to listen to what his friends had to say.

  6. The story just gave me strength that God hasn't forgotten all those who are suffering. I myself I'm going through a hard time being jobless without a home.I ask all for your prayers

  7. What a Beautiful story! Our lives and plans may not always work out the way we want them to, but God is still with us. And if we surrender to Him, His plans for our lives will be revealed. Thank you and God bless you!


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