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  1. As a born and raised SDA in very rigid and legalistic but alcoholic home (one parent was non-SDA) I never understood the love of God. All I knew were checklists and having my "guardian angel" follow me around to record all my sins. Where was God when my home was torn apart but I dare not speak out - that was sinful. I didn't understand grace. I am back in the church but I struggle even today. By God's "grace" I will get to truly love and trust God. The church is more loving than when I was brought up but legalism still abounds. Thanks so much Lillian for this article.

    • Hi Shalby, I, too, was born into a SDA home. Even though both parents were Christians I have struggled with the two ditches of legalism. Walking with Christ down the middle of the Christian walk is impossible without the work of the Holy Spirit in my will. I have found that God can give us a perfect walk if we follow the advice given by Jesus ("watch and pray lest ye fall into temptation.")

      I used to think that I was to watch the clouds or the news of the events of the world lest I be caught unawares. But I have found that the watching Jesus talked about is what is going on in our heart in comparison with the character of Jesus, and the prayer is for the Holy Spirit to come in and take charge of my basic motivation. We all need motivation and our natural motivation is selfishness. We must choose the motivation of the Holy Spirit if we want Him to work in us. He will motivate our basic thoughts and feelings with our consent, but not without our consent.

      This is a dynamic relationship that requires our consent constantly. This is why we must watch continuously and pray always because if we go on our own (selfish) motivation we will fall and fail to live out the righteousness of Christ in our lives. He is always available though, and we can ask at any time for His work to continue in us.


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