Jesus and Laodicea — 51 Comments

  1. my husband and I were vacationing and decided to visit the local Adventist church, which was our practice when traveling. Upon entering this church several members came up to greet us, but said, where are you visiting us from? Your not planning to move here or become members we hope... We were shocked and saddened, but stayed for the church service. My husband bumped my elbow as the service began as we noticed a young man walk in, with Jewish head dress on, and we looked about expecting that someone would greet and welcome him. No one did. At the close of the service, we got up and quickly followed the young man as he was making his way out of the church, and we welcomed in, asked where he was from and invited him to return to fellowship with the church again. He thanked us, and went on his way. No other church members came near and we watched as he left and no one said anything to him. We went in search of the pastor and shared our experience with him, and he did not seem the least concerned, just mentioned that's how things were at that church. He too asked if we planned to move there, or were we just visiting.. Yes, I think Jesus cried that day.

  2. There are to many Seventh day Adventists and not enough CHRISTIANS in the SDA church. There is a clear distinction between the two. Jesus said in John 13vs35; BY THIS WILL THE WORLD KNOW THAT YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES, IF YOU HAVE LOVE ONE FOR ANOTHER. Simple not rocket science. The church has to many man made rules and standards that cause more damage than good and in some cases even overrule or supersede Bible teachings and principles. It is time for us to wake up and get our act together lest we disqualify ourselves as the apostle Paul warns. TIME FOR POSITIVE CHANGE. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

    • Floyd, perhaps we cannot think of "us", but must focus on "me". If I am right with God, there is greater chance for another to find the Way to Life, and over time many will be transformed into the likeness of Christ. We cannot change what others think and do, but our lives can be a living witness that will allow the Holy Spirit to work through us effectively. Notice I didn't say "successfully"? Success depends on the faith of others, while effectiveness depends on my faith alone. We must be effective witnesses and God will bring the increase. Abel was an effective witness to Cain, but without "success". Yet his influence lives on and perhaps Abel's success will be seen in the kingdom of God one day.


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