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  1. I like the idea that we need to be conservative, liberal, progressive and traditional (all four) depending on the various aspects of our life. What a great way to take care of the labeling that goes on in our church families! Appreciate your blogs, William!

  2. Excellent. I agree with the 'being all 4' part so much. I have been trying to define which one I was and always came to the conclusion that I was conservative on some points and liberal on others and there is nothing wrong with that. Thanks for validating!

  3. I would like to say that the Word of god is manipulated by the person who speaks in that moment, because there are very few persons who read the bible.

  4. Very inspiring piece. I do have favourite pastors, speakers and authors. But as you have rightly stated, our role model is Jesus and we ought to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in our walk with the Lord.

  5. This is an amazing piece! On influencing people on an individual basis, we should all forsake our political views and adopt the eternal vision of Jesus.

  6. When have too much confidence; forget to hold on to Christ who will give us strength to overcome sin,then we won't have to think and act big in small town.

    Eve fell into sin,for she had confidence and forgot to hold Jesus' hand and say what Jesus wanted her to -say what was relevent.

    Zolile Phetshane,South Africa.

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words, prayers and encouragement as we work together to spread the gospel. Thank you for being a part of the SSNET family, and contributing with your thoughts, and sharing the SSNET website, and Jesus with others.

  8. Love the title!
    People often say, "Always" in a similar way that they use, "Never" and you are right, both are extremes. I have heard a few Christians say, "I would never do such and such a thing." I am amazed at how temptations have changed in my life.
    When I was young it was things like smoking, drinking and other vices. I am not tempted by those things now, but a day doesn't go by that I am tempted by other things. Would I say, "I would never drink some wine"? No, because I know that without the grace of God, I would be drinking. With the genes, addictions and troubles in our family line, it's possible for me to indulge in any kind of escape, should my heart not be in the right place.

    Do we have fun as Christians? I have more fun now, than I had in my whole life, except for being a toddler.

    Loved these concepts that we can be at different times: conservative, liberal, traditional and progressive.

    Lastly, I have seen leaders who have encouraged church attendees to follow them. When the leaders left the church, so did their followers. It's not a good idea to have attendees dependent on leaders.

  9. "How to Identify a Cult" From Mark Finley Bible Handbook

    Matt. 24:24 Jesus warns us of false teachers and prophets.

    John 8:32 Truth in and through Jesus sets us free.

    Identifying feature #1
    Ps. 146:3 Cults usually have a single, powerful human leader who becomes the cult's messiah.

    Identifying feature #2
    Mark 7:7 The cult leader's word, or his teachings, become absolute truth.

    Identifying feature #3
    Josh. 24:15 Each cult uses "pressure" tactics to coerce its members into submission (Rev. 22:17).

    Identifying feature #4
    Rom. 6:23 Each cult denies the central truth of the gospel that Jesus is the divine Son of God (Eph. 2:8).

    Identifying feature #5 -
    1 Cor. 7:13, 14 Cults often urge their "converts" to leave their families (Matt. 10:38; Eph. 5:22, 23).

    2 Thess. 2:10-12 Many will be deceived because they did not receive the truth.

    John 14:6 Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. When we discover the way of salvation, He leads us into His truth so we can discover His way of life.

    John 12:35 Our only safety is to walk in the light of His Word as He reveals it (Ps. 119:105).

  10. This was such a wonderful article! I have seen it so often with new members going to the extreme you mentioned of not doing anything that they enjoyed before joining the church. They seldom last long because they also tend to see fault in others who have not done the same, become frustrated, and either go to another more "conservative" church, come up with their own philosophy of how an Adventist should believe and behave, or go right back to their old lifestyle and leave all together. Another example would be the member that stayed and is a talented musician but will refuse to have anything to do with praise music because it is too close to what he played in a bar; however he does not prevent anyone else from doing it. Because we are a two church district we have also had persons that attend the service where the pastor is.

    As you have also said, "We don’t have our wagon hitched to any one person except Jesus". My mother told me this MANY times during my teen years as I pointed out the hypocrisy of many of our church leaders and I have repeated it to myself and many others who are frustrated often by the leaders and members "who should know better".

    Thank you once again for your insight!


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