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  1. “follow this rule” Paul simply meant 'comply to the standards of the word of God through Jesus Christ' and by ''marks of Christ'' Paul simply meant that Jesus is living inside his heart, has transformed him into new creature, this transformation coupled with change of life yielding a fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) are clear marks of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. As I was reading, I was touched by the experience of the Apostle Paul. He really suffered for Christ. However, I am wondering as to whether he was just careless in the manner he was interacting with others to the extent that he was susceptible to persecution? In our modern age, we have a lot happening which is contrary to biblical teaching and we are silent and cant utter any word for fear of probably being persecuted. For instance, the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton announced that we must respect the human rights by allowing homosexuality in the world. Worsestill this has been tied to any aid given to a country. In this regard, what should be the stand of the church? To be silent and avoid persecution? I wonder what Paul would have done in such circumstance. I believe it was for such reasons that he was given a serious stigma.

    In short, what is the stand of the church regarding telling the world what is right in the eyes of God. Soon and very soon we will see people, if not already there, claiming and wanting to be blessed in their homsexual marriages in the Church. Anyhow, shall we continue fishing in the fishing pod to avoid persecution as a church?

    • Bestone,

      First of all I don't think Paul was careless nor was he ever sloppy in anything that he said in all of his epistles right up until the end. In fact, in some of the last letters that he wrote he seemed to be very active as a Christian and still very concerned with the welfare of his churches. On top of that according to the Philippians (Phil 4:22) he apparently witnessed to and converted several members of Caesar's own household. To me there seems to be no indication that Paul ever caved in to persecution.

      That brings us to the question that you raised concerning the enforcement of homosexuality in the world. I believe Jesus gives us a model for dealing with situations such as this. Even though the institution of slavery, suppression of women, prostitution, and homosexuality were rampant in the ancient world during His time He said virtually nothing concerning those subjects.

      To Jesus there were more important issues that needed to be addressed such as the proper understanding of God's character of love which the Jews did not understand and the Pharisees misuse and abuse of law and their understanding of the process of salvation.

      I believe as a church we can be a model and an example to those in high places in government and should not be a loud mouth trying to force them into a particular way of doing things (Mat 20:25-28). In free countries such as the United States, we have the vote that we can use to influence our government on a political level and we can communicate our wishes to our representatives in congress (or Parliament) without force. Furthermore, I believe very strongly in the separation of church and state and believe that our church should follow our own beliefs to the letter on this.

      As it has been said before, freedom has its limits. We need to recognize that when it comes to issues where people feel that they should have the right to do whatever they please in total disregard of the effect it has on other people. Christians should recognize that God's law is the standard and vote accordingly. If a law is passed that is contradictory to God's law we have the God given right to refuse to obey it but nothing more. That is part of the cross that we as Christians have to bear.

      • the root of his message which he contrasts; The outward appearance of christianity (by illustration of circumcision) with a daily living experience in Christ. (inner experience of faith). what labels us? what identifies you? the fact that you are “Christian, sealed by baptism” that everyone has seen you be baptized and you are listed in the books as a Christian believer or your life that speaks under difficult circumstances, how do you behave under pressure, under suffering… are you willing to endure it? and go through it? where is the inner core of your faith grounded? His suffering spoke louder then the exterior identity labeled “circumcised”. this is what it boils down to really. The only one that knows the heart and its motives is God. A daily relationship with Christ will help you, not boast in you because you will see yourself weak, unable, but In Christ through the cross by faith, you are able, he enables you to endure any situation. Therefore, you are left to Boasting in the cross for the things you have accomplished through HIM. Which leads you to a natural reaction in your life that comes from an amazing experience with HIM. Boast in the Cross! Praise be To Our Lord Jesus Christ OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR!


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