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  1. I believe the statement that with the neglect of prayer one can loose the Savior's presence. This is good for spiritual enrichment during these lessons. It is my desire that i do not neglect prayer and also bring my family on board.

  2. The issue of neglecting prayer or to read the bible is the most issue which is bringing us into temptation and bad behavior. if we visit our bible always we will know how to live and the promises when we find ourselves being tempted.by not reading the bible we even fail to know what to do when the mountains stands on our ways. Jesus set a good example for us, because of he knew the word of god he was able to fight the devil when he was to be put in temptation in Mathew and Luke. my encouragement can be that if we want too live a peaceful life let us pray always and read the bible and seek his kingdom first then others shall follow .let us not pray when we are happy only or when we face challenges only but always prayer do all.

  3. Doubting God may lead us into temptation is in its sense that,if you begin to distrust someone you really want to see something so if anyone just bring in an issue concerning it then you will follow and that might lead you into temptation. It is very important to always trust God if only we are truely Christians and such attitude make us aware of any situation that befalls us.God be with us all

  4. idolatry is a dangerous cancer that most of us think are'nt bowing to but loving somethings more than God . We often justify what we wear and eat and say it doesnt justify my belief , bt every word said indeed has a bearing as to whom we are aligned to , my point exactly anything that draws us away from Christ is our idol and is satanic in nature , too hard maybe but thats what it is .

  5. On social media someone said: "Prove God exists and I will believe" this is my answer.

    Satan came to Jesus in the wilderness and said to him prove you are the Son of God. Just before that at His baptism Jesus had heard His Father declare "this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased" and the Holy Spirit descended on him. So when faced with the challege to prove that He was God, he relied on God's Word and on the Holy Spirit in His heart.
    Does God exist? Yes, can I prove it, no but I know it is true because His Spirit is in me and I trust His Word. It is based on internal evidence.
    Are there external reasons to believe?
    Time: almost all scientists agree there was a beginning to the Universe, just like the Bible says “in the beginning God created”, if there was a beginning there must be a being who began it
    Life: complexity of a cell, all the data & info requires an intelligence to provide it, codes
    Mind: it is so amazing that there are minds that can comprehend the wonders of nature
    Ought: If there is no God then everything is permissible, so just the fact that people believe that this or that ought to happen or not happen implies a higher power

  6. The answer is in the sanctuary, look in the Holy Place. The three pieces of furniture have a parallel with the three temptations of Jesus. (See my comment On Monday) They also tell me how to stay connected to Jesus.

    1. Read the Bible daily, eat the bread of life.
    2. Pray, the sweet incense rises to heaven where the prayers are heard.
    3. Witness, let your light shine for others to see.

    Micah 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

    Temptations are an opportunity to exercise our faith muscles.

  7. God is real because I can feel Him in my heart. He talks to me through His Word (the bible) and the Holy Spirit. If you are sincere, ask God to reveal Himself to you and He will. It is God's will that you get to know Him and receive His salvation. God is already moving in your heart because you are interested in knowing whether or not He is real.

  8. Many years ago, long before becoming an Adventist, I had a strong faith in God and loved reading the Bible. However, just like the study says, neglect of prayer and reading led to my backsliding. My belief in God never waned, but what relationship I had was utterly obliterated under a mountain of cares for the things of this world. The downward process did not take long...climbing back out again took just a hour or so of intense tear-laden anguish and prayer...but desiring to climb back out took years and years of sorrow, pain, and almost cost me my family.
    When I did finally decide that enough was enough, complete surrender enabled the Lord to graciously lead me to the Advent people. Lesson...neglect of either prayer or Bible study is a dangerous game. But thankfully God is well able to bring even greater blessings from seemingly hopeless situations.

  9. Regarding Question 3 - One of the most powerful texts for me is Psalm 119:11. So long as I keep His Word in my heart (memorize it, meditate on it, and love it), sin has much less attraction or power. I have found that this works, that His Word is true, and He is true to His Word.


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