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  1. Communication is such an important talent that it can either build up or destroy concepts. The problem is that culture plays a huge role in this! Missing love (Christ) in the heart may take people apart even more!

    • Which is exactly why "doing the right thing" sometimes depends on culture. For instance in the US (and many other parts of the world) culture has changed a LOT in my lifetime. Yet the methods we use to try to reach people have tended to be the same we used over sixty years ago when I was born. Repetition has somehow made them "sacred" and dulled our senses to how incongruous they are to the culture we live in and the people God is asking us to reach.

  2. Maybe my thinking is too simple, but if we are connected with Jesus and asking His guidance through the Holy Spirit... The God who knows all things and the heart of everyone will led and guide both our actions and our words.

    • Being connected to Jesus and asking for guidance through the Holy Spirit is a good thing, but beyond being a nice phrase that tickles the ears of Adventists (and other Christians) what does it mean?

      I know a fair bit about electricity, in fact a lot more than is really necessary. I can talk about electron drift velocity, and Fermi-Dirac engergy levels. But if I fail to flick the swtich on that sends electrical power to the light-bulb I will have to put up with living in darkness.

      Likewise, all the Christian phrases in the world are useless if I do not put them into practice. Develop a working relationship with Jesus, Read the Gospels right through carefully to see the example that Jesus provided us with. Seek to apply those examples to your own experience.

  3. Just walking with Jesus and flipping the switch by choosing His Love instead of our natural selfishness are more powerful for salvation from sin and selfishness than all the theological discourses of the smartest minds of this world.


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