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  1. Thank you so much.
    Sometimes we forget that we are the clay and God is the potter. Telling God what to do is merely saying that we will create for ourselves the life conditions we want, and what we want is often not good for us.

  2. Thank you for your post. I would like to rephrase the main idea you brought forward with respect to the statement that we are "protestants". (Sabbath afternoon lessons 13)
    As seventh day Adventist, we rest on the principle of "sola scriptura", the bible alone as the standard of faith, and consequently we are genuine Christians and all that have gone astray are protestants.
    In other words, protestants are the ones that do not accept the bible alone as the standard of faith.

    • Wendell, your comment brought the thought to me that the Roman Catholic religion and its followers are the Protestants and we are the true Catholics (God's church) if we choose to let God be our true King.

  3. Thank you William! I don't recall the separation being made before between Sabbaths and Sabbath ... I am glad this got so many Amens. Great point - thouth sad - also that Sunday keepers are AGAINST the Sabbath ... There are many more Messianic Sabbath Keepers. One from California and I had a two hour sharing conversation. He a part of a group of about 10. I met him at Your Best Pathway to Health this last week in Phoenix! God is Working! I recently noticed in Leviticus 23 that it is listed 1st among the Festivals as well. Why of why would we spend ANY time searching at broken cisterns!!!

    • Hi C.C. Jr

      The Sabbath clearly stands apart from the annual festivals in Leviticus 23.

      You will notice that it is placed ahead of the list of annual feasts as a reminder of it's distinctive nature.

      The annual feasts are listed from verse 5 and have nothing to do with the gift of the 7th days Sabbath sanctified and hallowed by the Creator personally as recorded in Genesis 2:2-3, commemorating same.

      The 7th day Sabbath was kept prior to the instruction of the feast days (see from Exodus 16:25-26, see also , in verse 28, God's reaction to their disobedience)

      Notice that in Exodus 20, the 4th commandment is singled out, not part of the annual feast days. Of special note is that it is that the command existed prior to it's being re-issued at Sinai because God said Remember His Holy 7th day and immediately proceeds to remind mankind, as the 10 commandments were first spoken by God to all the people, both Hebrews and the mixed multitude who had left Egypt with them, and later written in stone by the Finger of God (twice).

      It is in memoriam of God's sovereignty and claim of authorship of creation that He set apart His day of choice, the Holy 7th day Sabbath, (Saturday).

      In Mathew 12:8; Mark 2:28 Jesus said He is even the Lord of the Sabbath

      In Revelation 1:10, John called the Sabbath, the Lord's day

      You are right, the Sunday keepers are AGAINST the Sabbath even though they usurped "Lord's-day" to name their day of rest, while in no way reverencing God's Holy Sabbath day, but this is why God gives the instructions in Revelation 14:6-12
      to remind all mankind to worship Him Who made heaven and earth and all things therein, thus bringing to mind again the injunction to "Remember", though the Sunday keepers, would prefer instead, that we forget.


      The final test will be about whom we choose to serve...the 7th day Sabbath of God matters...in fact, your choice will become a choice for life or death, who will you choose?

  4. I have grown in the church since I moved to New Zealand from Samoa, and now in Australia, both my parents were baptised into the church through ministry such as Pathfinders and community outreach programs, my mother was catholic and my father was methodist.

    As an adventists I know that the sabbath or the seventh day of the week Saturday is the day of worship, and I know my duties to ensure that I give him praise and the glory through worship and obedience through recognition of his authority by separating this day from the rest, 90% of my friends are Sunday keepers but are very much lovers of His word.

    I love the knowledge shown here. when it comes to our brothers and sisters I continue to pray for their good health, Saftey and familys. its not the days that seperate us from them but the knowledge we lack in sharing through His unconditional Love. Thanks for the lesson and I hope to see more in the weeks to come.


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