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  1. To know God intimately one must regularly, systematically open His word, recognize His hand in nature, and open your heart to Him in prayer. Keep notes of your prayer requests and answers. His leading will cause you to trust and love Him more. Of course, corporate worship and fellowship with like-minded individuals will further encourage and bless. Then you will want to share your journey to pass the blessings on to others.

    • You are correct in the ways noted, to know God "intimately". It also depends on what is meant by, "for myself" or "intimately". There will always be questions about the nature or character of God that are beyond human understanding. Such as speaking worlds and a universe into being, the scope of Gods love and wrath, and much more. By Grace are we saved through Faith. Eph.2:8. To me that is one of the most important characteristics of God. Faith is also a gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave His life for the forgiveness of our sins. All are gifts because God knows how to give Good gifts, Matt 7:11. I pray daily for a closer relationship with God because I feel that is possible.

      • By intimately I refer to having regular, private time with God, having His guidance in all decisions and attitudes and seeking His glory, not mine. I do not mean delving into the things that are not revealed to us. Eternity will explain things that we don't need to know now.


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