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  1. i have appreciated the study of 1 and 2 Peter. I got a lot out of lesson 7 and particularly lesson 11. The illustration used then was amazingly poetic and symbolic. I mean generally speaking and from my point of view, the left hand writing in the wrong direction for us, a word or phrase we couldn't understand, whilst being shackled: There are many forms of False Teachers which could even include false angels. I also appreciated the author's bringing in of a study of Jude. What a powerful construct and message those 25 verses contain that is usually overlooked. Thank you.
    As to the question 'What does he mean that we should be “hastening” the day of God?' If I turn that around a little, I take it to mean, I should hasten my attitude to the truth and love Peter advised. And hasten to tell my family, friends, neighbours, community in which I worship, and live, together with my world wide friends through multimedia, that Jesus loves us and died for us. So when that day of His second coming arrives we will be ready and waiting for Him with Joy. Godless today, Mrs A Stolz.

  2. Yes, and perhaps I need to turn my mind more into telling others that the world is coming to an end and that Jesus is coming back.

  3. 1Peter 1:22. love one another.
    Peter and John were of one mind in Christ. We find that in: 1John 4:19-21. God is love. We love Him because He 1st loved us. He showed us His love by giving us His Son. We give Him our love by loving all of our Christian brothers and sisters. Only by this can we abide in Him. John in the 1st part of 1John 4 also talks about false teachers like we studied a couple of weeks ago in 2Peter 2. Very good quarter. I too enjoyed this quarters lessons. Looks like we are going to study the life of Paul next week, enjoy.

  4. There is a reference thought on Fridays lesson that says we are to know the truth and live the truth. What do you think the definition of "truth" in this case is? Ephesians 1:13,14, I believe is at least one good reference as well as definition of the "truth".

    • its like saying we know christ and we live christ , cause He is the truth... Paul in the word does highlight that its not we who live but christ who lives in us

  5. Ever since Jesus walked on this Earth men have been interested in His return. Some dread His return because of their unresolved guilt and others want to see Him come sooner. Jesus said no man knows the day nor the hour of His return. Therefore it behooves us to be ready at all times.

    The question that arises is, can those who are not ready retard the coming of Jesus in mafesty and power for ever or is there a time set when Jesus will return ready or not?

    Of course, God wants all to be ready when He comes and this may cause Him to seem to delay His coming. Mankind has been watching signs for the second coming in total ignorance of the day and hour of it for almost 2000 years now. I don't believe that we are going to change the plan of God by our behavior, but I do think that we can have a great effect on the the time of the coming of Jesus into our hearts via His Holy Spirit (Rev 3:20). When Jesus lives in us we are a light to the world and we cannot stop spreading the gospel until we don't let Him motivate us by His Spirit again. We must be ever vigilant lest we stop praying that He live in us and be our motivation for our continual walk in life.

    If we invite Him into our hearts He has promised to come in and live in us and to fellowship with us.

  6. Nature was actually our first book about God. The written Bible came along thousands of years later.

    The only way to read and understand the Book of Nature or the Bible is to do so with the motivation of Spirit of Prophecy, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God. These are all titles of the same person. This person of the Godhead is the one that brings all of God into focus in our minds. This is what Charles Darwin left out when he tried to make sense of what he saw in nature. Scientists that leave out the Spirit of the Creator are prone to make some of the same mistakes

    I think it takes a lot of imagination to think up some of the things "scientists" say, and it takes a lot of faith to actually believe it. It takes a lot more faith to believe in a "chance" creation than it does to believe in creation by intelligent design.

    I think the reason why mankind wants to believe in creation by chance is that they don't want to admit any higher power than themselves. Of course this leads us to eventual destruction when we separate from the intelligent Designer.

  7. The answer to your question is found in Jesus words.
    Jesus said to him, “ I am the [only] Way [to God] and the [real] Truth and the [real] Life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.
    JOHN 14:6

    Just as the living Father sent Me, and I live because of the Father, even so the one who feeds on Me [believes in Me, accepts Me as Savior] will also live because of Me.
    JOHN 6:57
    We find that Christ is Truth. We believe, accept, and act as though we have the Truth, by surrender to the Holy Spirit, who guides us into Truth, and gifts us the power to obey. Joseph Halls words say it so sweet. "Give me, Lord, the mind of Jesus,
    Keep me Holy as He is;
    May I prove I’ve been with Jesus,
    Who is all my righteousness"
    We have a good summation of this last quarters lessons in: Ephesians 1:13-14. And Christ words in: John 6:57. and: John 14:6.

  8. ONE further thought. "will also live because of Me." Has two meanings: 1. Salvation is found only through Christ life, death, and resurrection. 2. You will live a righteous life because you put your trust in Christ to gift you the power to obey, you love Him enough to keep His commandments. Just a few more verses down. John 14:15.

  9. If people refuse to believe the Bible, the word of God,which tells us about the God who created the heavens and all things living and non-living that comprise nature, which "declare the glory of God", it's hardly likely that they would take a leaf from nature's book.


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