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Lesson Notes for the Gospel in Galatians — 4 Comments

    • Thanks Mrs A., it means a lot to hear from you. I get so little feedback but if it's a blessing to only you then you can be sure that it will continue quarter by quarter.

  1. Robbie. I'm sure the time and effort you have put into all of the downloads and other language that is not what I can use is an unfortunate waste. My computer abilities are simple by necessity. I do not have office, not that it matters. Well done to you for all those that can appreciate what you provide.

  2. Hi Robbie, sorry that feedback was not forthcoming. I'm sure that like myself many people were really pleased and welcomed your formatting the lesson study guides in an electronically accessible way. Just that they did not take the time to express it. I cannot remember now but l think l did comment, but in case l forgot, l wish to express my appreciation for all, the hard work and effort you put in. Thank you.


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