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Friday: Further Thought – When Conflicts Arise — 8 Comments

  1. I guess that in the light of this lesson and the events that have taken place in our church only a few weeks ago, anything that I say now will be agreed with by many and disagreed with by others, almost 50:50. The voting at the Council meetings shows evidence of polarisation, not unity. Does that mean that folk are not listening to the Holy Spirit? Could it be that one side is listening to the Holy Spirit and the other side is selfish?

    Or maybe the Holy Spirit is simply saying that there is a lot more to be learned and unlearned and we have a way to go yet.

    There is a lifeboat in operation that requires people to power the oars. We could give every able and willing person the opportunity to pull on the oars, or we could stand around arguing about who has the license that allows them to pull on the oars. In the meantime, people are perishing in a tempestuous sea that could even cause the lifeboat to flounder

    • After listening to elder Jackson's comments I became both angry and sickened by his tone and perceived threats!! I fear for our church!

      God has made it clear three times re the issue re Woman's Ordination, whether we agree or not, God has spoken!

      • It is quite possible that God is trying to teach us something and we are slow learners. The dynamic around the issue is more complicated than a vote.

      • Daniel, rather than making your own assertion that "God has spoken!" it would be much more helpful if you shared just how you perceive God has spoken.

        If I understand you correctly, you should be able to supply dates and precise wording. (I thought of looking it up myself, but since you brought up the issue, I thought it fair to ask you to do the looking up.)

        Thank you.

        • I think Daniel was referring to the passage in Testimonies V. 9 page 260 - 261 under the title "The General Conference" It needs to be read in whole, but here is the most frequently used quote from that section."

          "When in a General Conference, the judgment of the brethren assembled from all parts of the field is exercised, private independence and private judgment must not be stubbornly maintained, but surrendered. Never should a laborer regard as a virtue the persistent maintenance of his position of independence, contrary to the decision of the general body."

      • There are other cases where the GC has voted down something several times, only to finally approve it. Does that mean that God changed his mind?

    • Yes, the devil has been doing that from the beginning and certainly hasn't given up his divisiveness. We have seen division between top leaders. The time may come that decisions will be forced at many other levels, if not on one issue than on another (as we know that issues which were prophesied are gaining strength outside the SDA church). Pray we must, or we will fail.


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