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  1. The other day I wrote a piece on my Facebook page about how I used artificial intelligence to help my grandson to understand how to solve differential equations. I was making a point about how to use AI in an intelligent way. One of my cousins, 80 years of age, has been a heavy machinery operator, all his life, (Cat 9 bulldozer driver for those who have not caught up with the politically correct terminology) wrote in a comment that I had lost him after the first sentence and that is why he had spent a lifetime, "Kickin' Dirt".

    We had a good laugh about it and I told him that it was just a different kind of dirt. But the situation illustrates a serious problem that we have. Our Christian Gospel language is about as meaningful to the secular mind as a discussion of differential equations is to my heavy machine operator cousin.

    We are spiritually indulgent in our discussion among ourselves. We use language and arguments that reinforce our own perception of truth and we pat ourselves on the back for having a unique perception of Christ's ministry. None of this makes any sense to the post-Christian agnostic or atheist mind. They do not even have the words in their vocabulary.

    Try mentioning the investigative judgment to a secular mind and if they are gracious, they might say, "How quaint!" or more likely, "What the b***** h*** are you talking about?" My athiest friends would look at my white hair and say, "Yeah, right, grandpa! Thats 1800s stuff!"

    A few years ago, I visited China, and in Chongqing, I wanted to buy a banana. I speak one word of Chinese, "你好" and after that, I am lost. But I pointed at the banana, showed a bit of money, pointed at myself and received the banana, and a whole lot of loose change that I still have and cannot use. Lost for words, I had to let my actions speak for me.

    We have a mission field. It is the secular mind, and they need the Gospel more than anything. That is why I go birdwatching with my atheist friends.

    Once again I will pinch Michael Fracker's signoff:

    Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessings can be retained only as it is shared.”Ministry of Healing, p. 148

    • Maurice – You say that you consider the ‘secular mind to be ‘a mission field’. Please allow me to ask some personal questions:
      How does your interaction with your secular friends bring God closer to their minds? How would they see/understand your relationship with them in light of the living gospel which you embody by being a considered, good friend to them? Do they know why you maintain your friendship with them in spite of their rejection of the God you believe in? If they were unpleasant fellows, would you still be spending time with them? Could you be the same friend to them if you would not have a relationship with God?

      Most of us have secular 'friends', but how do we approach the secular mind to understand that our kindness and caring to maintain the relationship with them is actually motivated by the aspect of ‘love thy fellow man as God loved you'? Do you still think that your fellowship with them will change anything in the way they consider God, or do you just enjoy their friendship with you?

      Since their heart is satisfied with who they perceive themselves to be, and since they do not have any interest to seek after God’s spiritually perceived Truth, how do you envision for God to plant the seeds of His Truth in their hearts and minds if their minds are made up to reject God? Rom.10:11-17

      • Thank you for your questions, Brigitte. Firstly, if you are familiar with modern terminology when it comes to advertising on the electronic media, you have probably heard of "push" and "pull" influencing. Pushing involves aggressive, "shove it up your nose" product promotion, while pulling is more like I am enjoying this with the inference that you may like to try it too.

        My atheist friends know that I am a believer and they respect that. In turn I respect their beliefs. That means I do not cast ridicule on what they believe. You are right, some of them are unpleasant, just as some of my Christian connections are. I don't choose their company but when we are together, I try to treat them all with Christian graciousness. And, no I am not perfect - I can get irritated. One thing that I think is important is that you are there for them in a practical way when they experience tough times.

        I think that it is important to understand that life is not a TV show that has to come to a solution in 60 minutes. Rather it is a saga and friendships and their influence go for a long time.

  2. God does not exist; you have the power to heal yourself; there are no regrets; beauty is what we see; live intensively now... so many of these ideas can permeate our thoughts! The question is, do they take us to completeness? Or bring us more holes?

    Try God, this infinite energy that has plainly defined Himself in our form, simply down to our level so that we could understand Him. "Whoever knows the Son, knows also the Father"!

    "The One who created us invites us to surrender our lives in the act of worship in order to receive them back from Him enriched, to be used for the benefit of others."(from today's lesson).

    We are offered today the fullness of His Grace, which is a single "yes" of distance!

  3. Which of our works can add any thing to what Christ did for us on the Cross?

    None of our works can take the place of what Christ did for us. Christ the Son of God was the only One who could die in our stead.

    Now why is it heresy to even think we could do something to to add to what Christ did for us? Because it would destroy our belief that we are saved by faith in the Blood of the Lamb, and by nothing else. It would take our eyes off of Christ who is our only hope of salvation. We behold Christ on a routine basis, we become changed by the Spirit of the Lord. As we become changed we fear God and give glory to Him, worshiping Him in word and deed, because He is our Creator. It is a marvelous transformation, we do this by being drawn to Him by His love. That's what beholding Christ does for us. As the Word of God puts it also, we are a new creation.
    2 Corinthians 3:18.
    Revelation 14:7
    2 Corinthians 5:17.

    • We become changed by the spirit of GOD, we receive a new birth, our character will be transformed. And we can do nothing to that by our own. Maybe that is the reason, why there is no spiritual growth in some churches and you hear repeatedly: „Well, there is no perfect church.“ I would recommend to read the book: „What shall I do to gain eternal life“ by Margaret Davis.

  4. It is quite unfortunate that our Adventist education institutions (particularly the Universities) have succumbed to the lure of the "science based" teaching of Darwin's evolutionary theory; and theory it is. Many of our professors have found themselves in a very uncomfortable position when they attend secular mixed conferences and for many years, they had little defense except the Holy Words in Genesis.

    Having grown up and started school (public school) in "The Evolutionary Era" (I'll be 65 next week) I understand the pressure they faced. God was expelled from public schools following the very conservative Bible based 1950s. During the onslaught of the Peace/Drug/Flower/Environmental movement of the 1960s, God and the Bible were replaced by Evolution and Mother Nature. The public teachers' union took over public education in the USA. Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance were thrown out of the classroom.

    In these early years of life, a solid foundation is built with truth or lies in the mind of our children. Society in general, has ceded education authority of children to secular atheists whose god has become Mother Earth. It was hard to do intellectual battle but not any more.

    All scientific theories regarding the beginning of time are proving to have huge wholes in them and "Intelligent Design" is grudgingly becoming an accepted theory in the scientific world (not yet God of course). As Maurice would say, the Maths just simply do not add up. There is not enough time + chance for all the accidents of nature to line up.

    A recent example is the discovery given us by the new telescope put up to replace the Hubble telescope. Astronomers were so eager to see further because the thought they would see small "Baby" galaxies beyond what we have seen so far consistent with the mult-universe theory. Surprise, surprise it was not small galaxies they see but larger galaxies then they have ever seen before and they are stunned. Another whole in another theory absent a Creator.

    The laws of God's creation are as consistent as God and His moral law and science is having to face up to it. Science is now putting Christians on equal footing and we need no longer be defenseless in and intellectual conversation regarding the Creation.

    • Hi, Jim. Yes, it's a shame that atheistic, evolutionary teaching is taking place, wherever it actually is. But let's not go too far with this. You say, "God was expelled from public schools..."

      I might postulate that this would be literally impossible. We cannot go to any place where God isn't there (Psalm 139:7-10), and private prayer is never prohibited, nor could it be.

      You seem to forget that public schools are operated by the state, and are therefore rightly prohibited from establishing a religion by, for instance, leading the students in public prayer, or reading the Bible to them. If that's what we want in education -- and it should be -- then we are free to operate our own schools, and we do.

      The conservative 1950s were hardly the "good old days." The rebellions of the 1960s were largely a reaction to their blatant hypocrisy, as I see it.

      Do not say,
      “Why were the former days better than these?”
      For you do not inquire wisely concerning this.
      Ecclesiastes 7:10

    • Thank you, Jim, for this overview of what has happened to the "scientific" consensus in the last 75 years.

      You mention Adventist universities, and I'd like to suggest a small revision to your comment: "It is quite unfortunate that some of our Adventist education institutions (particularly the Universities) have succumbed to the lure of the "science based" teaching of Darwin's evolutionary theory." That is so true!

      However, some of Adventist universities are doing significant science in support of the biblical creation account. Here's something to explore:

      Origins Resources at Southern Adventist University, especially created for teachers and lay people who want to delve into the subject of origins from a biblical perspective.

      Dinosaur Museum at Southwestern Adventist University. (Classes from the university go on regular dinosaur digs.)

      Those are jumping-off points to discover more of what these universities are doing in the line of science that supports the biblical creation account.

      Also see our own Science Resources page. Much of the material can be traced back to work by our Adventist science professors, although we have included material by others as well. (And, btw, we'd love to add more material and suggestions are welcome. Also please let us know of any errors in that section.)

  5. As a follow up to Maurice's comments, I wish to add that Jesus died for everyone, including scientists, atheist, heathens, Sunday worshipers, politicians, etc. As a Christian Seventh-day Adventist scientist, I am longing for a balanced and well-informed discussion of certain topics. such as "God and Evolution" that could be used to help reach certain groups of people.

  6. I like the quote from Friday's closing thought that goes along this line:

    Worship has to do with the very nature and purpose of our existence and with the need for having a centre outside of ourselves...

    The key points in this text are the purpose of our existence and having the centre core of our existence outside of ourselves. That goes to explain why God is perfect and deserves our worship.

    We have no more than 3 lines to explain why God is perfect, because any sentences more than that will tend to produce a heresy. 🙂

    God is perfect. Explain!
    He is the only being existent in this world, the reason for whose existence is in Himself. Every other existent entity finds the reasons for their existence outside of themselves. In that sense, He alone is perfect. His very existence is uncaused. He just EXISTS.

    Those reasons are the search of the purpose and meaning of lives, which can only be found in the worship of our Creator.

    Rev 1:8 ~ I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End,” says the Lord, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.

  7. I agree with the conclusion of Angel Manuel Rodriguez that: “Worship has to do with the very nature and purpose of our existence …” Another statement also provides good insight; “Not to worship God is to lose our reason for existence; ...”. If this is true, ought we not to make sure that we fully understand how true worship of God takes place?

    Right after letting us know ‘not to have other God’s before Him’, we are told ‘not to make any graven image of anything for the purpose of worship.’ To understand true ‘worship’ is, for me, to understand myself in relation to Him who created me.

    We are given the directive to ‘worship God in Spirit and Truth’; these are not acts of worship, they are the positional aspects from which the Spirit guides our heart and mind - God's Spirit and Truth. What is in us, or how are we in ‘something’ that enables us to worship Him in such a way?

    I believe that correctly understanding what our Creator means by this specifically noted form of ‘worship’ is essential to our existence; just like faith is essential to suspend, or do away with completely, the desire to life outside of God’s providence. We are a new creation guided entirely by His provision for our journey through life; it is His purpose which is to be accomplished in us.

    Therefore, can we not conclude that full worship can only be found in the complete oneness of our existence as we are found in 'Jesus Christ in whom the fullness of the Godhead dwells'? Col.2:9-14. Songs and expressions of joy, gladness and thanksgiving, loving acts of kindness, forgiveness, justice, and mercy expressed to our fellow man – this is God’s Sprit expressing itself through us as His form of ‘worshipping the Creator’; it is His Spirit and Truth which find their expression in worship.
    It is His Glory in us which reflects back to Him His Love of His creation.

  8. God's word, work and will have been made possible by His supreme Creator-ship ... then, condescension, for us. So, as a result of some painful personal experiences, I can now empathize, rather than simply sympathize, when others hurt.
    To think that He who knows the stars and stills the sun also loves me uniquely, is both comforting and rejuvenating! (John 17:23)
    Christ remains the only eventual/ultimate remedy for Earth's scourge of sin. To experience eternal victory, I must accept His gift and submit to the comfort and guidance of His sweet Holy Spirit.
    God is my Worshipful Creator, Redeemer, Shield of Defense and Soon-Coming King!
    Glory and honor be to our awesome God! Give my God the glory. Worship him!


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