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Inside Story: Sobered by God’s Grace — 4 Comments

  1. I loved the story. Praise the Lord for His marvelous love and the gift of forgiveness. I believe in what the Bible says in John 15:5, "Without God, I can do nothing." I am earnestly praying that one day my son Merv will do the same as Oliver did.

  2. The Inside Story showed me that there are churches with members who are dedicated enough to host a recovery class for five days a week. Making a sacrifice of time for others is a wonderful example of love for those who are suffering. Somewhere a question was asked, " If your church burned down today, would your community be affected? Would they miss your church?". The church in the Inside Story today would answer YES!!!

  3. Glory Be To GOD! Amen 🙏❤️. Pray for my son oldest son Mario, he's an acholoic depends on his drinking daily. He's 50yrs old and a father and divorce. I loss my youngest son and a grandson to liver problems. I keep praying for my son n grandson. God bless you All

    • The God of Hope fill u with hope and Joy. At his time they will be back. I have a wonderful testimony to share you . It's all the same scenario "addicts" .


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