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Friday: Further Thought – You Will Be My Witnesses — 3 Comments

  1. Jones was a British Methodist missionary of the 1920’s and a friend of Gandhi. Jones wrote:
    “As God’s lawyer I was a dead failure; as God’s witness I was a success. That one night marked a change in my conception of the work of the Christian minister—he is to be, not God’s lawyer, to argue well for God; but he is to be God’s witness, to tell what Grace has done for an unworthy life.”

    We are in many ways like the original disciples, who were notably unlearned men and who replied, when tempted to refrain from proclaiming Jesus, “We cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20)

  2. In regard to the discussion questions:

    1. The Bible is very clear concerning the mission of the church: to preach the Gospel, not set time or make predictions of when Jesus will return. Students of prophecy realize the message of time has passed, and we are now in those last days that follow the closing of time prophecies. Our only message concerning time is that it is very short. It might be worthwhile to also mention that many in the church are putting much effort into "issues" and their related arguments, while forgetting the commission of Christ to His followers, who will be faithful to it.

    2. Servants of God know their duty, for He has made it clear(Acts 1:8).

    3. No one can serve God without prayer being a vital part of all daily living. To put a little twist on Amos 3:3; "Can two work together if they're not talking to each other?".

  3. Since 1844 the second coming of Jesus has been eminent in some Adventist minds. How sad other denominations do not have access the same urgent message. What we believe is, or should be given to those that read the Bible, and the Bible alone. As I read, Scripture is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. How Scripture is applied is not always the same for everyone. Surly the Holy Spirit will guide as our prayers indicate.


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